Not the wooden tub of yesterday...


wooden bathtub


Are wooden bathtubs environmentally positive? If you grew the bamboo or cedar in your backyard and then made it yourself- definitely! These examples might not be the greenest and they cost a pretty penny, but it must feel wonderful to bath in wood. In the past bathtubs were made of wood, marble or ceramic tile. Cast-iron tubs came into fashion starting in the 1880s, then enamel over mostly formed acrylic, fiberglass or porcelain on steel. Wood holds the heat longer than other tub material. Unfinished wood tubs must be used regularly or kept partially filled with a bit of water to prevent them from drying out and warping or shrinking.

wooden bathtub

Bagno Sasso Ocean Circle
All tubs in the OCEAN range are crafted by hand and can be made out of numerous different types of wood.


wooden bathtub
Stolis wooden tub -- to the trade. Expensive!


wooden tub

Bagno Sasso Wood Line
Rectangular bathtubs in waterproof birch plywood with light, medium, dark oak veneer or teak.

wood bathtub

Bagno Sasso Ocean Shell
All tubs in the OCEAN range are crafted by hand and can be made out of numerous types of wood.

bamboo bathtub
Niewendick Bamboo Tub by Moso

wood and glass bathtub

Bagno Sasso Wave Diamond model- wood and glass. Their wood is finished with 'selected technology from Formula 1.' That doesn't sound green.

wood bath tub
E Legno Italy Cedarwood Sun Tub

japanese wood tub

For an unfinished, raw wood experience-

These tubs are made of Japanese hinoki wood, which is one of the best woods for this purpose. Hinoki is a Japanese cypress tree. The hinoki wood is never urethane coated in order to allow the wood pores to breath and release aromatic oils. Option to finish the sides facing the walls (outside face only) or the bottom with a natural clear oil. Japanese tubs called Ofuro are deep enough for the bather to immerse the body up to the neck when sitting. Designed by an italian architect living in Japan since 1998. Imported.

wooden bathtub

Wooden Bathtub


wooden bathtub

Chinese, raw wood tubs.
Cedar, oak, teak tubs, many designs, or design your own.
No finish. Imported from China.



wooden bath boat shape

BathBoat by Wieki Somers - available through Galerie Kreo, Paris.

wooden bathtub

Wine Barrel Tub


Or have one built, contract a local (very trustworthy and experienced) carpenter. Cedar is one of the best woods for a tub. In some areas of the U.S. wooden tubs might be against code- check your local building laws.


First photo above....
Handmade mahogany
tongue and groove tub, coated with epoxy and marine polyurethane...

But built in Maine, hopefully from FSC certified wood.



For outdoor cedar tubs---see:
Better Hot Tubs.
Good selection of outdoor cedar hottubs.
Good prices. Company in Colorado, but inquire as to where tub is made.



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Guy Z
Posts: 9
Wooden Bathtubs
Reply #9 on : Wed January 01, 2014, 07:38:26
Beautiful collection of bathtubs! I can also recommend these very unique bathtubs shaped as sea vessels:
would be great if you guys can add it to your list.
I own one and it's absolutely fantastic!
Posts: 9
Do not sell anything...
Reply #8 on : Fri December 06, 2013, 08:52:30
Hi Nadia,

IG does not sell anything - just blogs about things. Please write to the company that makes the tub you are interested in. Thanks...
Nur Nadia
Posts: 9
Enquiry - Wooden Bathub
Reply #7 on : Thu December 05, 2013, 23:08:08
Im looking for a cedar wooden bathtub,

Can you qoute me the price & mail it to me? i might be ordering a large sum of tub maximum of 20 pieces.

But please do quote me by 1 qty first.

Posts: 9
Reply #6 on : Tue November 19, 2013, 16:37:04
Sorry, we do not sell these. So do not know prices.
Posts: 9
Reply #5 on : Tue November 19, 2013, 15:56:21
Hello, can i get all bathtubs in list with prices ?
Posts: 9
Bamboo bathtub
Reply #4 on : Thu September 05, 2013, 02:14:34
I love that Bamboo bathtubs´╝ü
We produce that bamboo soaking bathtubs, bamboo massage bathtubs, more pictures here, .
Or MSN [email protected]
Louis Wein
Posts: 9
How to
Reply #3 on : Sat March 02, 2013, 09:13:39
Could you send me the blueprints on how to build a bathtub like these?
Ben Chan
Posts: 9
Wood tub
Reply #2 on : Sat February 16, 2013, 13:27:18
Hey How are you doing. I am looking for a wood tub. Would you sent me some information.
Thank you.

Posts: 9
DINTIN wooden bathtubs
Reply #1 on : Tue December 11, 2012, 21:00:04
Woud you please add our wooden bathtubs into the list? Our wooden bathtubs are just beautiful & luxury! And much different than the above,Thanks!
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