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The U.S. has been spending twelve billion dollars a month on the war in Iraq.
Climate Change Votes:
League of Conservation Voters Online Vote Tracker informs the public about how their own and other representatives vote on bills in real-time. This tool encourages and enables citizens to contact their leaders to thank those who protect the environment and change the minds of those who need to give sound environmental policy greater importance during their tenure.
Environmental Defense Fund. Operation Climate Vote. Environmental Defense Action Fund is the lobbying arm of Environmental Defense.  Climate Opposition Truth Squad debunks numerous climate rumours.
Environmental Defense Fund.  Lists Ten Senators to Watch on Global Warming. 2008.
Science Debate Inc. A call for a public debate in which the U.S. presidential candidates shared their views on the issues of The Environment, Medicine and Health, and Science and Technology Policy. Watch the conference sessions here.
Democratic Activism: Civic Action, a nonprofit, primarily engages in campaigns to reform the media and other work aimed at bringing back the democratic process by making sure legislators hear their voices.MoveOn Political Action, a federal Political Action Comittee, mobilizes people across the country to fight important battles in Congress and help elect candidates who reflect their progressive values.
Americans for Informed Democracy, a non-partisan 501,   empowers and equips young people in the United States to address global issues—poverty, health, climate change, peace and security— through awareness raising and actions that promote just and sustainable solutions on their campuses, in their communities, and nationally.
League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is turning environmental values into national priorities. To secure the environmental future of our planet, LCV’s mission is to advocate for sound environmental policies and to elect pro-environmental candidates who will adopt and implement such policies.
U.S. Public Interest Research Group's mission is to deliver persistent, result oriented public interest activism that protects our health, encourages a fair sustainable economy, and fosters responsive, democratic government.''
Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit fighting for openness and democratic accountability in government, for the right of consumers to seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies; for strong health, safety and environmental protections; and for safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs and health care.
Breakthrough Institute is a small think tank with big ideas. Breakthrough is committed to creating a new progressive politics, one that is large, aspirational, and asset-based. We believe that any effective politics must speak to core needs and values, not issues and interests, and we thus situate ourselves at the intersection of politics, policy, philosophy, and the social sciences.
Common Cause a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen's lobbying organization promoting open, honest and accountable government by attempting to ensure that government and political processes serve the general interest, rather than special interests; curb excessive influence of money on government decisions and elections; promote fair elections and high ethical standards for government officials; and to protect the civil rights and civil liberties of all Americans.
AmericaSpeaks’, a nonpartisan, non-profit, whose mission is to reinvigorate American Democracy by engaging citizens in the public decision-making that most impacts their lives by leading the development of a national infrastructure for democratic deliberation (such as 21st Century Town Meetings) that institutionalizes the links between decision-makers and citizens in determining public policy.
International Observatory on Participatory Democracy.   Network of municipalities and stakeholders in participatory democracy experiments, a common space to share the Participatory Democracy experiences that lead towards achieving higher levels of equality, empowered citizenship, greater legitimisation of and trust on public authorities, and greater efficiency in public policy.
Public Citizen is a national, nonprofit fighting for openness and democratic accountability in government, for the right of consumers to seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies; for strong health, safety and environmental protections; and for safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs and health care.
Small Planet Institute seeks to identify the root causes – economic, political, and psychological –that are taking our planet in a disastrous direction...: a worldwide shift from the dominant, failing notion of democracy — as something done to us or for us — toward democracy as a rewarding way of life: a culture in which citizens infuse the values of inclusion, fairness and mutual accountability into all dimensions of public life.
Governmental Responsibility:
UNESCO "The Precautionary Principle" Mar 2005. World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST), has brought together a group of experts to propose a clear definition of the precautionary principle and provide clarification of the possible uses of this principle, aiming at offering an ethical platform to ensure proper risk management and correct information to the public and to policy makers... PDF.
Government Spending:
Taxpayers for Common Sense is an independent voice for American taxpayers, dedicated to cutting wasteful government spending and subsidies in order to achieve a responsible and efficient government that lives within its means.''
"I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen."
Ernest Hemingway
Politicians Voting Records:
Vote Smart.  Backgrounds and records of thousands of political candidates and elected officials voting records, campaign contributions, public statements, biographical data and evaluations.'   Non-profit, volunteer based.
League of Conservation Voters campaigns to educate voters about candidates environment records. For 30 years, the non-partisan LCV Scorecard has been the nationally accepted yardstick used to gauge how members of Congress voted on key energy and environmental issues.
SourceWatch is a collaborative free encyclopedia (written by you) of the Center for Media and Democracy containing a directory of the people, organizations and issues shaping the public agenda. See Energy and Environment Policy Portal.
Your Congrees Your Health. Research!America, the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation and partners have invited all members of Congress to complete a questionnaire about where they stand on medical, health and scientific research and other issues that affect our health. To be posted here starting May 2009.
Your Candidates Your Health. All candidates for Congress on the ballot in November 2008 were invited to let voters know where they stand on health and research by filling out a brief questionnaire. See your candidates' views on these issues.
Regional- Mayors and Governors:
U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Center provides mayors with the guidance and assistance they need to lead their cities’ efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are linked to climate change.
U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. Under the Agreement, participating cities commit to taking three actions:  - Strive to meet or beat the Kyoto Protocol targets in their own communities... - Urge their state governments, and the federal government, to enact policies and programs to meet or beat the greenhouse gas emission reduction target... - Urge the U.S. Congress to pass the bipartisan greenhouse gas reduction legislation...
"Governors’ Declaration on Climate Change"
Yale University, April 18, 2008. Signed by 18 Governors. PDF.
Rachel's Action Network (RAN), a nonpartisan 501 organization encourages women to participate in the political process and promotes women leaders who advocate for a healthy environment.
The Iraq war has cost American tax payers $1 trillion dollars --
the equivalent of $720 million each day or $500,000 per minute!
According to Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

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