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Alternative Energy Funds:
Ticker:    AECOX
Inception Date:  1/31/2007
Allianz RCM Global EcoTrends Fund
Clean Energy, pollution Control and Water. Based on Impax Environmental Technology Index of 50 of the largest pure-play Global Environmental Tech Companies.
Total Assets:  $181 M
Expense Ratio:  1.81%   Load:  Closed End- Max 4.5%
Ticker: CGAEX
Inception date 5/31/2007
Calvert Global Alternative Energy Fund
An all-market-cap fund that invests in U.S. and global stocks. The Fund seeks long-term growth by investing in alternative-energy companies that are involved in renewable energy sources (including solar, wind, geothermal or biofuel, technologies that enable these sources to be tapped, and services or technologies that conserve or enable more efficient use of energy.
Total Assets:        124. M
Expense Ratio:         1.85%
Ticker:  TAN     
Inception date:  4/15/2008
Claymore Solar ETF  will attempt to replicate the MAC Global Solar Energy Index of 25 securities. TAN is only available to broker-dealers and institutional investors  in blocks of 80,000 shares (a "Creation Unit"). 30% China, 29% Germany, and 26% United States.
Current Assets: 179 M
Expense ratio:  .65%
Ticker:  ALTEX   
Inception date: 10/29/07
Firsthand Alternative Energy Fund invests in 44 alternative energy (solar, hydrogen, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, biofuel, and biomass) and energy technology companies, both U.S. and International.
Current Assets:        7 M
Expense Ratio:    2.10%
Ticker:   FAN
Inception Date:   6/16/2008
First Trust Global Wind Energy  ETF seeks to track the price and yield performance of the ISE Global Wind Energy index. 67 stocks, 60% industrials.
Current Assets:  71 M
Expense Ratio:   0.87%
Ticker:  QCLN
Inception date:   2/08/07
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Liquid Series Index Fund (ETF)  A weighted index designed to track the performance of clean energy companies (listed in the NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Liquid Series index) that are publicly traded in the United States and includes companies engaged in manufacturing, development, distribution and installation of emerging clean-energy technologies including, but not limited to, solar photovoltaics, biofuels and advanced batteries.
Current Assets:       48.09M
Ticker: GAAEX   
Inception date:  3/31/2006
Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund
invests in 40 to 60 stocks of global companies (Currently 16% US) that derive more than 50% of their revenue from alternative energy or alternative energy technology. Min 5,000, IRA 1,000.
Total Assets:      125.5 M
Expense Ratio:       1.64%
Ticker:  SUNIDX     
Inception date:  4/1/2008
MAC Global Solar Energy Index Returns Fund
Follows 25 companies from around the world, the MAC Global Solar Energy Index has a combined market cap of almost $100 billion. China 29.91%, Germany 29.01%, U.S. 26.33%, Norway 7.32%, Spain 4.29%, Switzerland 3.13%.
Ticker:  GEX  (NYSE)
Inception date:  05/03/2007
Market Vectors Global Alternative Energy-Index
ETF seeks to replicate as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the total return performance of the Ardour Global Index SM (Extra Liquid). The Index invests in 30 of the largest, most actively traded alternative energy companies from around the world.
Current Assets:       346.8 M
Expense Ratio:       .73%
Ticker:   KWT
Inception Date:   4/21/2008
Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF
seeks to replicate as closely as possible the performance of the Ardour Solar Energy Index, SOLRX, currently tracks 34 Global solar stocks.
Current Assets:       38 M
Expense Ratio:        1.09%
Ticker:  NALFX    
Inception 1982
New Alternatives Fund  ***
Emphasizing Alternative Energy and the Environment. Invests in companies that produce something that benefits our environment, such as alternative energy, recycling, clean air and water pollution, prevention and conservation.
Total Assets:     313. M
Front Load:  3 to 4.75 %
Ticker:  PBD
Inception   6/13/2007
PowerShares Global Clean Energy
The PowerShares Global Clean Energy Portfolio is based on the WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX). The Index seeks to deliver capital appreciation and is composed of companies that focus on greener and generally renewable sources of energy and technologies facilitating cleaner energy.
Currently holds 83 Securities. U.S. 29.34%, Germany 18.50%.
Industrials 56%, Utilities 18%, IT 14%.        
Total Assets   229 M
Expense Ratio: .75%
Ticker:   PBW    
Inception date:  3/3/2005
PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Index Fund
seeks to replicate, before fees and expenses, the WilderHill Clean Energy Index, which is designed to deliver capital appreciation through the selection of companies that focus on greener and generally renewable sources of energy and technologies that facilitate cleaner energy. Holds 47 securities, IT and Utilities, incl.
Total Assets:     1.6 B
Expense fee:    0.70%           
Ticker:   PWND  
Inception Date    7/1/2008
PowerShares Global Wind Energy Portfolio is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on the NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge® Global Wind Energy Index. 32 holdings: Spain 22.54%, U.S. 15.08%, Denmark 13.95%, Germany 13.01%, France 7.73%
Expense Ratio      0.75%  
Ticker: KWT    
Inception date: 4/21/ 2008
Van Eck's Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF (KWT)   tracks the Ardour Solar Energy Index of 27 securities, 26% China, 36% Germany, and 24% U.S.
Total Assets:        22.8 M
Expense Ratio:       1.09%
Alternative Energy Indexes:
Global Ticker:  AGIGL  (DJI) NorthAmerica:  Ticker: AGINA

Ardour Global Alternative Energy Index  Designed to serve as a fair, impartial and transparent measure of the performance of the Alternative Energy Industry. Global Stocks are picked with a strict pre-defined screening protocol, included are all companies over a certain size that are principally engaged in the field of alternative energy and excludes those companies in which alternative energy is peripheral to their main business. Currently has 134 constituents.
Ticker:  SOLRX
Ardour Global Solar Energy Index Ardour Solar RX -
Tracks the solar industry. A global-capitalization-weighted, float-adjusted index intended to give investors an efficient means of tracking the overall performance of a global universe of 32 companies engaged in the solar industry.
Bloomberg World Alternative Energy Index
The Bloomberg World Energy-Alternate Sources Index is capitalization-weighted- of the leading energy-alternate sources stocks in the World. The parent index is BWORLD.
Bloomberg Ticker: DXAEUS
DAXglobal® Alternative Energy Index
Tracks the performance of 15 global alternative energy companies which generate more than 50 percent of their revenues in one of the following sub-sectors from the segment Alternative Energy: Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, Ethanol, Geothermal/Hydro/Batteries.
Inception date:  07/08/2006   
EU ISIN # DE000A0C4C25
Bloomberg Symbol:  HSCCIL
Inception date: 9/25/2007
HSBC Low Carbon Energy Production Index
Market capitalization weighted Index is currently made up of 146 large cap companies and provides liquid exposure to themes associated with Solar, Nuclear, Integrated Power, Wind and Biofuels. The Index can track up to 50 companies.
Front Load:  3.00%
Ticker:  SUNIDX     
Inception date:  4/1/2008
MAC Global Solar Energy Index
Follows 25 companies from around the world, the MAC Global Solar Energy Index has a combined market cap of almost $100 billion. China 29.91%, Germany 29.01%, U.S. 26.33%, Norway 7.32%, Spain 4.29%, Switzerland 3.13%.
Symbol:  MLCXB
Inception 10/1/2007
Merrill Lynch Biofuels Index  MLCX Biofuels is devised to present an accurate representation of the value of each commodity in terms of its energy potential under today’s technology. Uses Roll mechanics. Contains seven commodities commonly used as biofuels feedstock: sugar, corn, soybeans, barley, rapeseed, canola and soybean oil. Biofuels 'Plus' Index incorporates gasoline and diesel as well.
Ticker:  CELS
Inception date:  11/17/2006
NASDAQ® Clean Edge® U.S. Liquid Series Index is a modified market capitalization-weighted index designed to track the performance of companies that are primarily manufacturers, developers, distributors, or installers of clean-energy technologies.
A derivative of benchmark  IPOSX
Inception Date    7/1/2008.
Renaissance Green IPO Index captures the performance of newly public companies whose products and services offer solutions to environmental problems. Alternative energy, recycling, conservation, clean transport, energy efficiency, and green-enabling cos frequently manifest themselves first through the IPO market, enabling the Renaissance Green IPO Index to capture the earliest performance of these new green business ideas. Lists upcoming IPOs.  
Ticker: Bloomberg: SPGTCLEN, SPGTCLTR
S&P Global Clean Energy Index provides liquid and tradable exposure to 30 companies from around the world that are involved in clean energy related businesses. The index is comprised of a diversified mix of Clean Energy Production and Clean Energy Equipment & Technology companies. Currently holds 29 companies in 10 countries.
Ticker:  S&P GSCI
Standard & Poor’s GSCI Biofuels Index a composite weighted index that represents a passive long-only investment in commodity futures, wheat, corn, sugar, soybean oil. The Biofuels sub-index falls within a larger index that includes fossil fuels. Acquired from Goldman Sachs 2/2007.
Symbol:  UBS-D GBFI
Inception Date: 02/28/2006
UBS Diapason Biofuels Index.  Composed of 9 different commodities, 79% ethanol, 21% biodiesel. Not targeted to U.S. residents. Lists 10 commodities.  Bmbg=GBFITRUS Index Reuters=GBFITRUSD = DIAP
Ticker:  NEX
Inception: 12/29/2000
WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index  is comprised of companies who focus on generation and use of cleaner energy, conservation and efficiency, and advancing renewable energy.
Climate Change/Energy Efficiency/Sustainable/Green/SRI Funds:
Ticker:  WRMCX   
Inception Date: Sept 2007
DWS Climate Change Fund  (Deutsche Bank)
Currently holds 94% Stocks, may invest up to 30% of assets in emerging market equities. 78 Securities held. 52% invested in Industrials, 20 percent in Utilities. The fund invests at least 80% of net assets, plus the amount of any borrowing for investment purposes, in common stocks and other equities of US and foreign companies engaged in activities related to climate change.
Managed Assets:   72. M
Expense Ratio:      2.64%
Managed Portfolio.
Inception Nov 2001
EarthFolio Aggressive Portfolio
Managed Portfolio of 100% socially and environmentally screened funds, represented include Portfolio 21, Powershares, and Winslow Green Growth Fund.
Minimum initial $50,000 with a one-time account set-up of $249 and a 1% yearly fee.
Managed Portfolio
Inception Oct 2005
EarthFolio Conservative Portfolio
Professionally Managed Portfolio of 56% bonds and 28% US equity mutual funds. Holdings include Sierra Club, Domini and Calvert.
Minimum initial $50,000 with a one-time account set-up of $249 and a .70% annual fee.
Ticker:  GCBLX  (Nasdaq)  
Inception: 1991
Green Century Balanced Fund
Founded by non-profit environmental advocacy organizations and is wholly owned by non-profit advocacy groups.  Invests primarily in the stocks and bonds of environmentally 'committed' companies. Holds 20% IT, such as IBM, Microsoft, etc. May also invest up to 35% of its net assets in high yield, below investment grade bonds. Not pure green.
Total Assets:      52.8  M
Expense Ratio:    1.38%
Inception:  Jan 18,2008
HSBC Global Investment Funds - Climate Change
Aims to outperform HSBC's own climate change benchmark index by 3 percent per year. Holds 50-70 of the 300 companies in the benchmark index. Invests in 35 countries including emerging markets. Corporate and institutional clients.
Ticker:  ADTKGX
KLD Global Climate 100 Index Portfolio Series 4 - ADT 260
A portfolio of the stocks included in the KLD Global Climate 100 IndexSM seeking above average total return, primarily through capital appreciation. Unit Investment Trust, broker- Asset Management, Inc. Top Sales Charges, 3.95%.
Ticker:   PGRNX  
Inception date: March 27, 2008
Pax World Global Green Fund
An early founder of Sustainable Investing. The Green Fund invests in environmental markets - companies whose businesses and technologies focus on mitigating the environmental impacts of commerce, including such areas as alternative energy and energy efficiency; pollution prevention and control; and waste technology and resource management.
Managed Assets:    3 M
Net of Fees*:        1.40%
Ticker:   PORTX        
Inception 1999*
Portfolio 21
Invests in companies designing ecological products, using renewable energy, and developing efficient production methods. Holds 21 global companies, mostly large cap, not necessarily 'pure' green. 24% U.S.
Managed Assets:  265 M            $5,000 minimum
Expense Ratio:   1.59%
Ticker:  PZD    (AMEX)  
Inception date: 10/24/2006
PowerShares Cleantech  
Tracks the Cleantech Index (ticker: CTIUS), which is designed to track the leading clean technologies companies, from a broad range of industry sectors. 'Cleantech' companies derive the majority of their business form knowledge-based products or services that improve productivity and/or product performance while reducing total costs, energy and resource consumption, pollution, toxicity, etc."  60% Industrials, 26% IT.
Total Assets:    150. M          
Expense Ratio:     1.32%    
Symbol:  SMCNX
Inception Date:    10/1/07
SAM  Climate Change Fund aka SAM's Sustainable Climate Fund   invests in global equities or equity-related securities companies that offer technology, products or services to overcome and delay climate change or help alleviate the consequences of global warming. Climate-related companies include those developing Climate Mitigation.
Net Assets:  3.7M     By prospectus only.
Schroder Unit Trusts (UK)
Available to Europeans
Inception Sept 2007.
Schroders Global Climate Change Fund's
aim is to provide long term outperformance of the MSCI World Index from a concentrated portfolio of 50 to 80 stocks of companies that are going to be affected by global climate change and who are actively engaged in either mitigating the effects of climate change by lowering their and our dependence on carbon or in adapting to the effects.
Expense Ratio:          1.5%
Minimum Initial Investment (GBP) 1000
Ticker:   SCFSX      
Inception date: 10/01/98
Sierra Club Stock Fund
Companies are chosen both for financial performance and their environmental and social records, as determined by their level of compatibility with the social and environmental guidelines of the Sierra Club.’   IT 23%, Financials 31%, Healthcare 15%.   Not pure green.
Expense Ratio         1.54%
Min Initial Investment:    4,000
Ticker:  SPEGX
Inception date  12/04/2000
Spectra Green Fund
Invests at least 80% of its net assets in equity securities of companies that conduct their business in an environmentally sustainable manner, while demonstrating promising growth potential.’‘ Not pure green, holds oil companies, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, etc.
Total Assets:        22.5 M
Expense Ratio:       1.24%
Ticker:     WGSLX         
Inception:     11/1/07
Winslow Green Solutions Fund  ***
'Invests domestically and internationally in companies within green market sectors such as clean energy, natural products, and recycling. Seeks to focus on mid-sized growth companies between $1B and $10B in market capitalization. Winslow defines green solutions as products or services that reduce resource consumption; decrease pollution such as climate-changing greenhouse gases, or contribute to natural and sustainable nutrition and health."  
Minimum Investment:  $2,500
Total Assets:    22.5 M
Expense Ratio:  1.45  %        
Ticker:  WGGFX       
Inception:   5/3/1994
Winslow Green Growth Fund  ***
Invests domestically in companies within green market sectors, as well as environmentally responsible companies across all market sectors. Seeks to focus on small growth companies between $50MM and $2B in market capitalization. 4 Star Morningstar Rating.   
Minimum Investment:  $5,000.
Total Assets:      390 M
Expense Ratio:      1.31%
Climate Change/Energy EfficiencySustainable/Green/Carbon Indexes:
Inception:  9/24/2007
HSBC Global Climate Change Benchmark Index
Clean energy, efficiency and management, pollution control and water. Approx 300 companies that derive at least half of their revenues from environmental related activities such as renewables, gas and nuclear, fuel cells, water, waste and pollution control.
Ticker: Bloomberg: KLD:IND  
Inception:  7/1/2005
KLD Global Climate Change Index  (GC100)
is a specialty index that promotes investment in 100 global public companies that demonstrate the greatest potential for mitigating immediate and long-term causes of climate change. Renewable Energy (33), Clean Tech & Efficiency (35), Future Fuels (32).
Ticker: Bloomberg: MLEIEEFD index
Inception:  7/30/2007
Merrill Lynch Energy Efficiency Index provides exposure to stocks which are well positioned to benefit from the pressing need to reduce energy usage and carbon dioxide emissions. 40 global stocks in four sub groups: building insulation, energy efficient products & solutions, auto fuel efficiency and the integrated plays.
Ticker: Bloomberg: SPGRCUU
Inception   3/3/2009
S&P US Carbon Efficient Index tracks up to 375 companies chosen for their carbon efficiency. The index weightings are based on carbon scores and on rules designed to ensure the new index tracks the S&P 500 as closely as possible.
The S&P 500 rose or fell more than 5% on 17 trading days in 2008.
Water-Funds: Infrastructure, utility, clean water production, efficiency, filtration, purification, desalination, monitoring, smart meters, waste water treatment, pollution control, pumps, irrigation equipment.....
Ticker:  CFWAX
Inception Date:  9/30/2008
Calvert Global Water Fund
invests in utility, infrastructure, and technology companies that manage water resources.
Managed Assets:   32. M
Minimum Expenses:  1.20%+ A shares have a front-end sales charge but lower annual expenses than Class B and C shares.
Ticker: CGW
Inception Date:     5/14/07
Claymore S&P Global Water Index ETF
Tracks the S&P Global Water Index. The Index is comprised of approximately 65 equity securities, selected, from companies listed on global developed market exchanges. 43% Utilities, 41 % Industrials, 35% U.S., 20 % France...
Managed Assets:   204. M  
Expense cap:  .65%
Ticker: FIW
Inception Date:  5/8/2007
First Trust ISE Water Index Fund ETF
that follows the ISE Water Index which selects the top 36 stocks in the industry by market capitalization.
Net Assets:  41 M
Net Expense Ratio          0.60%
Ticker  CGWEAX
Inception Date:   6/28/2005
Global Water Equities Portfolio, Unit Investment Trust Holds 37 international water industry, utility, materials companies. UITs are fixed and not actively managed.  Claymore Securities, Inc.
Total Sales Charge- 4.45%
Ticker:   KWINX
Inception Date          06/29/07
Kinetics Water Infrastructure Fund
The Fund aims to invest in securities issued by companies operating in the water infrastructure and natural resource sector globally.   Minimum Purchase: $2,500  
Total Assets:     25 M
Expense Ratio:  1.66%         (No-Load)
Ticker:    PFWAX  (PFW Water A)
Inception Date:       6/01/07
Ticker:    PFWCX  (PFW Water C)
Inception Date:    12/10/1996
PFW Water Fund  A & C   (Mutual Fund)
Focus on companies in water desalination, purification, disinfection, infrastructure and water utilities. 70 % Industrial Materials and Utilities. May invest 25% of assets in foreign securities. Small-Mid growth.
Total Assets:   15 M (A)   19 M (C)
Expense Ratio:  1.54%(A), 2.70% (B)   (+ Load)
Ticker:  PIO  (AMEX)
Inception date:     6/13/2007   
PowerShares Global Water Portfolio is based on the Palisades Global Water Index™. The Index seeks to identify a group of global companies that focus on the provision of potable water, the treatment of water and the technology and services that are directly related to global water consumption.
Total Assets:      402. M
Expense Ratio:  .75%
Ticker:   PHO    (AMEX)
Inception Date          12/6/2005
PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio ETF   
tracks the Palisades Water Index, an unmanaged benchmark. The Index seeks to identify a group of companies that focus on the provision of potable water, the treatment of water, and the technology and services that are directly related to water consumption.
Total Assets:        2.4 B
Expense Ratio:   .66%
Managed Fund
Praetor Global Water Equities Fund, actively managed fund based in Luxemburg. Institutional Investors.
Ticker:  SMWNX
Inception Date:    10/2/07  in U.S.
SAM Sustainable Water Fund
Invests in global companies offering technologies, products or services related to the water value chain. By prospectus only.
Total Assets:  400k
Expense Ratio:  1.74%
Summit Global Water Partners, a private fund, for accredited, non-U.S. citizens.
Ticker  CUSWAX
Inception Date 7/21/2005
U.S. Water Equities Portfolio, Unit Investment Trust.
Holdings in 30 U.S. water industry related stocks.
UITs are fixed and not actively managed.
Claymore Securities, Inc.
Front Load -Total Sales Charges: 4.95%
Water Indexes:
Inception:  3/10/2008
DAXglobal Water Index
Lists companies with the expertise, technology and products required for the supply and disposal of water and sewage traded on the leading international stock exchanges.
Ticker:  DJUSWU
Dow Jones US Water Index
Index of approximately 23 U.S. water related stocks.
Inception: 9/25/2007
HSBC Water, Waste & Pollution Control Index
currently contains 66 companies that are involved in the businesses of dealing with the problems arising from climate change. Includes water resource management and water efficiency cos, sustainable waste management, infrastructure provision and flood defence, and response management businesses. Google Index name.
Ticker:  HHO
Inception:   1/2006
International Securities Exchange. ISE Water Index
(ISE-B&S) includes companies engaged in water distribution, water filtration, flow technology, and other water solutions. Comprised of 36 companies. ISE membership is required for participation in the ISE Options Exchange.
Janney Global Water Index- Ticker: JGI
Janney Water Tech-  Ticker:  JWT
Janney Water Works-  Ticker:  JWW
Janney Global Water Indexes
All are Global, Inclusive, Pure Water (25% water related)  
Janney Global Water Index- Composite of 60 Companies.
Janney Water Tech- Technology and Infrastructure 30 Companies.
Janney Water Works- Utilities, 30 Companies.
Large Investors.
Ticker:   PIIWI
Inception Date: 12/31/2003
Palisades Global Water Index  tracks companies engaged in all aspects of the global water industry; drinking water, wastewater treatment, desalination, water infrastructure, water utilities, irrigation, resource management, etc.
Ticker:    ZWI
Inception Date: 12/31/2003
Palisades Water Index
designed to track the performance of companies involved in the global water industry, including pump and filter manufacturers, water utilities and irrigation equipment manufacturers.
Tickers:  Bloomberg SPGTAQUA,
S&P Global Water Index
Tracks 50 of the largest publicly traded companies in water-related businesses from around the world that are involved in water related businesses, i.e., Water Utilities and Infrastructure, and Water Equipment and Materials.
Sierra Club
BlackRock Fed Fund Cash Reserve Shares- Sierra Club. Invests in a portfolio of securities maturing in 397 days or less and will have a dollar-weighted average maturity of 90 days or less. Under normal circumstances, the Fund invests at least 80% of its net assets, plus the amount of any borrowings for investment purposes, in U.S. Treasury bills, notes and other obligations issued or guaranteed as to principal and interest by the U.S. Government, its agencies or instrumentalities and repurchase agreements secured by such obligations.
Ticker: CSIBX
Inception Date:  8/24/1987
Calvert Social Investment Fund Bond Portfolio
is an intermediate-term, investment-grade bond fund that uses a relative- value investment strategy that also incorporates a stringent review of a company’s corporate responsibility, environmental, and social practices. Awarded the 2007 Lipper Performance Achievement Certificate as best- performing fund among 132 Funds in the Corporate Debt Bond Fund A Rated classification for a five-year period.
Ticker: JENI
JENI-Carbon Beta, JPMorgan Environmental Index Carbon Beta, a United States high-grade corporate bond index designed to address the risks of global warming. Based on the JPMorgan US Liquid Index (JULI).
Investment Resources/Non-profit:
Ceres.  Environmental news and free reports on the corporate governance of large-cap companies. Ceres is a coalition of investors and environmental groups working to advance sustainable prosperity.
Investor Network on Climate Risk    A network of institutional investors and financial institutions that promotes better understanding of the financial risks and investment opportunities posed by climate change, coordinated by Ceres.
Social Investment Forum   A national membership association dedicated to promoting the concept, practice, and growth of socially and environmentally responsible investing (SRI).  Provides programs and resources. Contains a database of socially and environmentally conscious financial advisers.
RSF Social Finance provides socially responsible investors, donors, for-benefit organizations, and social enterprises innovative investing, lending, and philanthropic services to promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
Investment Resources/Profit
Social Funds.   Compares the holdings and performances of 75 socially responsible mutual funds and gives daily market trends, stock research, and news about shareholder activism.
Clean Edge is a research and publishing firm helping companies, investors, and governments understand and profit from clean technologies.  Clean Edge publishes the annual Clean Energy Trends report, produces the annual Clean-Tech Investor Summit (along with IBF), and maintains the NASDAQ® Clean Edge® U.S. indexes, which track U.S.-listed clean-energy companies.
Open SRI. A Web 2.0 collaborative platform (forum) to rate the corporate social responsibility of companies. Intertek.
New Energy Finance is a specialist provider of information and research to investors in renewable energy, low-carbon technology and the carbon markets.
Green Money Journal. Tips and news about socially and environmentally responsible business, investing and more...
Water Global Website for Water Stocks, Water industry News and Research Tools. Scroll down for news.
RGE Monitor "ahead-of-the-curve global economic insights" -named one of the world's best economics websites by BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.
Reports: see investment reports on Business Page as well...
"Green Investing:Towards a Clean Energy Infrastructure" published by the World Economic Forum. It is the result of collaboration with New Energy Finance. Jan 2009.
Clean Edge. Report  'Clean Energy Trends 2008'
March 2008.
Clean Energy League Tables 2009: The Results
6 March 2009 Who is investing in whom.... ***
"Framing Climate Change Risk in Portfolio Management" (2005 - 16 pages) Policies to regulate greenhouse gases are being developed and implemented in major markets around the world. Because these new policies bring costs as well as opportunities, prudent investors will factor climate change risk into investment decisions. World Resources Institute (WRI) and Ceres,
"Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2007" 21 June 2007, United Nations Environment Program.
Ceres'  "Mutual Funds and Climate Change: Opposition to Climate Change Resolutions Begins to Thaw" April 2008 This report is the fourth by Ceres examining the mutual fund industry’s proxy voting practices on climate change shareholder resolutions.
Ceres' A Toolkit for Foundations and Individual Investors: Harnessing Your Investments to Help Solve the Climate Crisis" November 2008 - Given that climate risks and opportunities are embedded in all asset classes – including equities, fixed income, real estate and alternative investments – there is a growing demand among foundation endowments and individual investors for actions they can take to respond to climate change. This document provides a brief overview of available steps.
2008 Investor Summit on Climate Risk Final Report. Ceres- April 2008 - To consider the scale and urgency of the climate challenge and how investors can advance solutions, Ceres, the United Nations Foundation, and the UN Fund for International Partnerships co-hosted the third Investor Summit on Climate Risk at the United Nations on February 14, 2008. More than 450 investors, representing over $22 trillion in assets, participated in the Summit.
Managing the Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change: A Practical Toolkit for Investors" Ceres- April 2008 - The next 50 years will require a massive shift to cleaner energy sources and technologies to avoid unmanageable climate disruption. This toolkit is designed to help investors begin to comprehensively address climate risks and opportunities in four key areas:  internal statements, policies, and governance; engagement with companies, investors, and others;   investment practices; public policy support.
"Investing in Climate Change 2009: Necessity and Opportunity in Turbulent Times" paper offers look at climate change investment opportunities in the context of the credit crisis, energy price volatility, technological innovation and the effect of regulation upon all of these factors. It presents a framework to assess the risks and rewards of climate change investing in the new environment. Deutsche Bank. Oct '08.
Generation Investment Management. This paper is intended to help promote sustainability in the capital markets and provides the highlights of 5 themes : Climate Change, Pandemics, Real Needs at the Base and at the Peak of the Economic Pyramid, Water, and Demographics.
A Climate for Change - A trustees guide to understanding and addressing climate risk: issues facing pension trustees. Report produced by Mercer Investment Consulting, for the Carbon Trust and the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change. 11-2005.
"Global Investor Statement on Climate Change: Reducing Risks, Seizing Opportunities, and Closing the Climate Investment Gap" The statement was signed by 259 investors from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and Africa with collective assets totaling over $15 trillion in assets.  It is the largest-ever group of investors to call for government action on climate change. Investors Say Weak U.S. Policies Causing Private Capital To Go Overseas; Strong Policies Needed to Close Widening Climate Investment Gap.
Image Credits: Snow Crystals by Wilson Bentley, 1902, from the NOAA Photo Library.



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  • Avgas
    Avgas (aviation gas) contains lead and avgas is unregulated. Aviation aircraft is the single largest source of lead emissions.
  • Record Warmth in July
    Record Warmth in Northeastern Canada, Norway, Denmark. Record cold in Indiana and Arkansas.
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  • Gabions
    Gabion (from Italian gabbia "big" and Latin cavea meaning "cage") a wire cage that is filled with stone or other hard materials.
  • Shell Bathrooms
    Cover your bathroom walls with shells!
  • Shell Fireplaces
    Options are to glue gun the shells on top or mortar the shells into a surface thinset.
  • Shell Buildings
    Waterproof, strong and long lasting. We have been decorating our homes with shells for thousands of years...
  • Shell Walls
    Shell encrusted walls were all the rage in the 1700s...and there seems to be a resurgence.
  • Straw Bale Greenhouses
    With a minimum R value of 38, straw bale is always a great choice for at least one wall in a cold climate greenhouse.
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