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Vivarium is an environmental SCI-FI thriller. In a dystopian future, all plant life on Earth has been wiped out due to biological warfare. The only way to experience nature is in Vivarium, a perfect virtual reality of pristine Earth, as it once was. It's a near-hopeless future where the ghost of Mother Nature's gifts have been twisted, corporatized into a luxury. 

Against that background, the film explores the dynamics of humans in a world devoid of sunlight, fresh air, and the beauty of a flower. And more importantly it reveals how far heroes will go to get it all back.

The story follows an aging bounty hunter old enough to remember real wilderness from his younger days who must use his antiquated skills to track a dangerous hacker through this digital playground. As he hunts, he uncovers a dark secret that the corporate owners of Vivarium will do anything to hide,  which could change the course of history.


LoneShark is a trio of filmmakers. Hailing from France, New York, and Arizona, Patrick Ward-Perkins, Jonathan Ehlers, and Jason Radspinner believe that true collaboration puts the story first. This foundation has guided LoneShark through all of their projects, from concept to final cut.  They are represented by Ryan Cunningham at Madhouse Entertainment. For more information, visit
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