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Scott Marr

Nature based art made by burning and painting with natural colors collected from the Australian bush. Scott powders local colored stones in a coffee grinder to form a palette of ochres. He dry-fries ochre from local riverbeds and discovered a unique burnt umber.

Scott boils barks, leaves and mosses to leach organic dyes. He crushes native berries to produce an array of watery washes and grinds and boils sap to form thick syrups and diluted tints. In the kitchen he makes beetroot juice and coffee washes for his works on paper. He does it all from soup to nuts...*

natural pigment natural dye

Pyrography, eucalypt bark wash, liquid chlorophyll, coriopsus flower wash, ochres, malachite and plane tree charcoal.
30cm by 40cm


"Metamorphic Interaction"
Pyrography, bitumen, ochres, bark wash.

scott marr

Pyrography, eucalypt bark wash, ochres, liquid chlorophyll, coriopsis flower and plane tree charcoal wash.
23 by 33cm

scott marr

Pyrography, coffee bean wash, ochres, malachite, eucalypt bark wash coriopsis flower wash, ochres and plane tree chrcoal.
23 by 33cm

scott marr

"Copper Wing"
Pyrography, bark wash, coriopsus flower wash, ochres and charcoal.

scott marr

Burnt paper, eucalypt bark wash, ochres, liquid chlorophyll and plane tree charcoal.
21 by 33cm

colony collapse

"Colony Collapse"
Burnt paper eucalypt bark sap and charcoal, liquid chlorophyll, and ochres
114 by 155.5 cm


Pyrography, eucalypt bark wash, coriopsis flower wash, ochres and plane tree charcoal.
23 by 33cm


"River bed"
Pyrography, bark wash, ochres and charcoal.

scott marr

Burnt paper, bark wash, ochres, wattle flower wash, liquid chlorophyl, and charcoal.

scott marr

"The Arsonist"
Pyrography, bark wash, ochres, coriopsis flower wash, liquid chlorophyl, and charcoal.

scott marr

Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, sap, ash and charcoal, ochres, rosemary leaves, Coriopsis flower, beetroot, liquid chlorophyll and charcoal.
140 by 115 cm

scott marr self portrait

"There is no me"  Self Portrait
Pyrography eucalypt bark wash, liquid chlorophyll, eucalypt sap, ochres, charcoal, mineral pigments and coriopsis flower wash.
65 by 101cm

nature bird

"Fight or Flight"
Pyrography, bark washes, ochres, sap wash, liquid chlorophyll and liquid charcoal

scott marr

"Up Stream"
Burnt paper, eucalypt bark sap and charcoal, liquid chlorophyll and ochres
25 by 35cm

Born in 1976 in St Leonards, Sydney, Australia, Scott Marr uses natural pigments collected from the bush and farmlands including ochres, bark, charcoal, sap, flowers, berries, and the medium of fire to burn drawings (pyrography) onto paper and wood.  Based on a love for drawing, Marr’s artwork looks into the world of what he calls “bio metamorphics” symbiosis, energy, or the “alchemy of nature".


Iain Dawson Gallery
*Katoomba Fine Art

All photos from Scott's website:

Scott Marr out in the bush collecting pigments...





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Reply #2 on : Tue March 11, 2014, 02:29:33
Posts such as short yarn and info please?
sandy wischnewsky
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scott marr
Reply #1 on : Wed May 11, 2011, 15:11:08
I am so happy to come across this web site. It's going to occupy my eyes for days to come. Love your stuff, Scott, I plan on studying your techniques. WOW!
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