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Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch, Irvine, California - Source

Wisley Scarecrows, Surrey, England by Colin Smith - Creative Commons License

A Scarecrows View, Skidby, UK. Stephen Horncastle - Creative Commons License.

Nicely dressed scarecrow, North Lanarkshire, UK by Stevie Spiers - Creative Commons License.

Royal scarecrow, Lincolnshire, UK by Ian Paterson - Creative Commons License.

Walking alongside the New River Ancholme, UK by Ian Paterson - Creative Commons License. Note the plastic container head.

Lonely Scarecrow on Blanchland Moor, UK by Ed Jennings - Creative Commons License.
Love the green hair and the bird.

Scarecrow fishing near Stanford on Soar, UK by Andy Jamieson - Creative Commons.

Lots of company on a Japanese Paddy Field by Fg2 - Source

Scarecrows' gathering, near Lausanne, Switzerland by Gerbil

Scarecrow on large Bar Hill, UK by Nigel Mykura - Creative Commons License.
Love the soccer ball head and the dive.

Beautiful view just south of Broadford, UK by Richard Webb - Creative Commons.

Raincoat scarecrow, Lincolshire, UK by Ian Paterson - Creative Commons License.

Pants missing. Castlecraig, Scotland by Walter Baxter - Creative Commons License.

A scarecrow on winter duty, Great Gidding, UK. By Michael Trolove - Creative Commons.

female scarecrow
'Kindly keep off my onions!' Suffolk, UK by Zorba the Geek - Creative Commons License.

ancient scarecrow
Scarecrow that paints in Rhode Island, pic by George Bekris

scarecrows sitting
Scarecrows Fishing Flickr by KellyJ

The CD jewelry looks good and serves as well. By Neil Theasby Creative Commons.

spanish scarecrow
Admiring the sky in Burgos, Spain by Zarateman

An ancient Roman Scarecrow by Notafly. Creative Commons.

Tall & traditional scarecrow from Wdzydze, Poland by Polimerek -  Creative Commons.

Scarewoman Devon, UK by Roger Cornfoot - Creative Commons License.

Hanhi scarecrow, Vietnam. Source.

Scarecrow with a doll's head in Japan. Photo by Lindsay Naito.

Japanese Scarecrow Karamas Islands. Source.

Scarecrow dressed as Lady Gaga.
By Nigel Britten

A rather fetching guardian! Portsmouth, GB by Kate Jewell Creative Commons.

Garden Conductor. Source.

Lancashire, Great Britan by Mari Buckley - Creative Commons License.

the scarecrow
'The' Scarecrow. Source MGM Films.





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Mari Buckley
Posts: 1
Reply #1 on : Tue December 21, 2010, 16:17:37
Nice surprise to see my pic of that scarecrow on here!!! :)
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