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Re-use bags... made from something other...

license plate pocketbook

Clutch Bag

Reused numberplates. inner tube sides. Nutu Designs, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Source:  To buy try searching

crafty purse

Littlearth Fender License Plate Purse

Size: 12.5" x 6" x 3" Weight: 2 lbs
21" recycled rubber strap
Fully-lined velvet interior with velvet pocket
Many styles and U.S. States available.    $ 112.

handbag made from newspaper

UrthBags the Bridgette Recycled Newspaper Tote

An adorable bag handwoven from recycled newspaper. A tough plasticized covering makes this bag water-resistant. These bags are crafted by Fair Trade women's organizations, supporting underprivileged women worldwide. 12"L x 8"W x 3"H.    $ 88.

plastic bag purse

Plastic Bag Handbag

Plastic shopping bags, cut and folded.
Maker Kunye, Capetown, South Africa.

firehouse handbag

Firehose Bag

'Ludwig' Bowling Bag.
Made from decommissioned red, yellow and ultra-rare blue fire-hose, turquoise zipper. The bag is lined with reclaimed dark blue material.

inner tube handbag

Inner Tube Bag

Tractor Inner Tubes and store sign banners.
15" wide, 7.5" high, 3.5" deep. Numerous styles.
1.5 lbs.  Richmond, VA. To date Passchall has recycled 56 tons of inner tubes!     $ 75.

boot bag

Foot Bag


Old rubber boots turned into a handbag.
Trimmed and then stiched together so you can carry lots on a rainy day.
Design by: Marco Scuderi  Abruzzo, Pescara. Italy.

seat belt pocketbook

Seat Belt Bag

Global Girlfriend
Made in Delhi, India $ 38.

pocketbook reuse

Auto Seat Bag

This luggage quality travel bag is made with fabric from a 1979 GM.
See their plane seat bags, too! Great selection at website!
Kim White $ 100 - $ 400

car seat reuse

Car Seat Bag

Upcycled leather flap.
By R3dna, San Francisco

book pocketbook

DIY Book Purse


purse made from old book

Another Book Bag

A How-To Video is here:

football purse

Soccer Ball, Football, Basketball Purses

Designer Daphne Ruff - Oakland, California.

car floor mat purse

Car Mat Purse


Janet J. Cooper's museum of recycled handbags.

magazine clutch

Magazine Clutch

Urthbags one of a kind handbags are handcrafted from recycled fashion magazines and made water-resistant by an exterior covered in salvaged plastic. Magnetic clasp closure and small interior zipper pocket. Made by Fair Trade women’s organizations.
8.5"L x 1.5"W x 4"H.    $ 38.

map handbag

Map Purse

Do it yourself instructions...
A clutch style here...

fil reel purse

Handbag made from Pre-run Hollywood Movies

Made with actual Hollywood movies that have run in theaters. Several frames of different movies make up each bag. 35mm strips are hand crocheted together using mercerized yarn by the work of a women's cooperative in The Phillipines. The sides of the bag are crochet too. Movie Film is often destroyed when it has run its time in the theater, but saved from the landfill. Movie film is backed with a clear leader film so you can see the images when held up to the light, but when bag is closed contents will not be visible. 100% polyester film. Bag measures 6" x 7.5" x 1" with a velcro closure. Strap is 44" long.    $ 20.

keyboard purse

Recycled Keyboard Clutch

Zippered clutch/purse handloop
Denim interior
Made with approximately 210 black keyboard keys per bag
Clutch body size: 6" x 9-1/2"    $ 38.

re-use handbag

An Old Coat with Telephone Cord Handles

Art Deco Design, Italy.

recycled shirt purse

Handmade bag

made from recycled 100% cotton men's shirts artfully arranged in a patchwork design. No two are exactly alike. Made by Kathleen Tesnakis. $88.

carpet tote

Upcycled Sails and Wool Tote

Made from recycled sail cloth and scraps from Woolrich's wool mill. 
$40. and up.

juice pack pocketbook

Woven Recycled Juice Pack Handbag

Made by a women's cooperative in the Philippines.
Many styles and colors.     $ 32 - $ 70.

juicepack handbag

Woven Recycled Juice Pack Handbag

Numerous sizes and  colors.
Made by a women's cooperative in the Philippines.    $ 32 - $ 70.

rice sack handbag

Rice Sack Handbag

Made from recycled rice sack bags
Approx. 13in/33cm wide, 7in/18cm high (not including handles), 6in/15cm deep
Made by a women's cooperative in the Philippines.    $ 50.

recycled handbag

Fair Trade Hemp Recycled Rice Bag

100% Hemp loose weave canvas, these are rice bags that have been modified to make the most unique sling bag! Fully lined with an inner pocket and zippered top. Roughly 15" across, 13-14" tall, 4-5" wide with a 40" strap.    $ 26.

pop top bag

The Poptop Handbag

Tha flip-top tabs from soda can factories in case you were worried it smells like beer.
15"L x 15"W    $ 98.

dog hair fabric

Cat and Dog Hair Purse

Catty Shack Creations' animal hair handbags by Danelle German. Or make one out of your own cat's hair! Source:  seems to be down...

handbag made from rags

Yes Bag

Made from Fabric Scraps
19"W x 10"H, 11" straps    $ 64.

rag handbag

Gotta Have it Bag

14"H x 16"W x 3"D, Adjustable Straps
Tiers of multi-colored silk scraps from saris.
Each bag unique, no two are alike.    $ 69.

recycled handbag

Fair Trade Hemp and Recycled Silk Purse from Nepal

100% Recycled Silk with all natural, wild gathered hemp that is processed without chemicals! Recycled silk yarn is made from the new fabric scraps from making saris, instead of adding to a landfill, they reuse the fibers to make these amazing creations- each completely unique! Roughly 10-11" across, 12-13" tall, roughly 50-51" strap,fully lined with an inner zippered pocket and a zip top.    $ 30.

recycled handbag

Recycled Huipil Handbag - Fair Trade Winds

Unique purse made of embroidered cotton fabric from recycled huipiles, colorful blouses worn by Mayan women. Zipper closure, small zippered pocket inside. Black cotton lining. Colors and patterns may vary.  10 in. l x 2 1/2 in. w x 7 1/2 in. h, handles: 23 in.  $ 35.

Fair Trade Hemp Recycled Rice Bag

100% Hemp loose weave canvas, these are rice bags that have been modified to make the most unique sling bag! Fully lined with an inner pocket and zippered top. Roughly 15" across, 13-14" tall, 4-5" wide with a 40" strap.




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Posts: 3
re-purpose pockets
Reply #3 on : Wed October 28, 2015, 16:21:48
Your purses are so so awesome! I LOVE them.
Posts: 3
Just wanted to say Hello.
Reply #2 on : Tue February 17, 2015, 19:09:47
When someone writes an paragraph he/she maintains the idea of a user in his/her mind that how a user can be aware of it. Therefore that's why this piece of writing is great. Thanks!
pat scott
Posts: 3
Re: Re-Purpose Pocketbooks
Reply #1 on : Wed October 30, 2013, 02:41:51
Where can we see the newspaper cluthch bag you talk about, where can we buy it and how much does it cost???????????????????
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