People of a Feather is an award winning documentary film about a unique Inuit culture that relies on birds for food and clothing, and the challenges they share adapting to changing sea ice ecosystems.

Director Joel Heath is a marine scientist who first made his way to Nunavut's Belcher Islands to study downy birds for the Canadian Wildlife Service. While there, Heath began utilizing his skills as a wildlife photographer and started to film the behavior of Belcher Island's Eider ducks, whose down in the warmest in the world. As Heath's time in Nunavut continued, he started to interview the people of Sanikiluaq and soon a sprawling documentary was being realized.

Heath's resulting debut feature offers a unique portrait of a region coping with environmental changes brought on by hydroelectric dams. People of Feather looks at the connectivity between the Inuit people of Sanikiluag (who are credited as co-filmmakers) and the Eider ducks, and how their relationship has changed due to man's tampering with Hudson Bay.

Winner, Best BC Film of 2011, Vancouver Film Critics Circle
Bronze & Silver , Direction & Cinematography, International TV and Film Awards
Winner, Audience Choice, Best Environmental Film, Vancouver International Film Festival
Winner, Top 10 Canadian Films, Vancouver International Film Festival


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