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Toxic Sugar - The previously unrecognized health impacts of high-sugar diets.
aiming to become the world's first carbon-neutral country by 2021.
Keep the Oil in the Ground
Fabien Cousteau: What I learned from spending 31 days underwater
Why Toothpaste Makes Food Taste Funny
difference in the area, volume and depth of the average September Arctic sea ice...
Zurich: Where People Are Welcome and Cars Are Not. A People Friendly City.
September 23, 2050 weather report by The Weather Channel.
Dr. Ray Seidler, Former Senior Scientist for EPA: Vote YES on 92!
Nature Is Speaking
Lord Nicholas Stern: The state of the climate and what we might do about it.
Leonardo DiCaprio (UN Messenger of Peace) at the opening of Climate Summit 2014
How hackers transform biology into building material
People's Climate March Sept. 21st
Idle No More @ Peoples Climate March in New York
Rallying at the People's Climate March in NYC The NY Times

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