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A record player that is programmed to play slices of wood.

A record player modified by artist Bartholomaus Traubeck translates tree rings into piano music. While the record player's programming creates the translation, each tree slice plays a unique piece of music. The full record 'Years' features seven recordings from different Austrian trees. Listen to all here:




Official Music Video for "A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop" by Neil Young and Promise Of The Real from the upcoming album 'The Monsanto Years'. Neil takes out his frustration on StarBucks for being a part of the GMA which is against GMO labeling. "I want a cup of coffee, but I don’t want a GMO." Order here:


Linsey Pollak turns a carrot into a clarinet using an electic drill, a funnel and a saxophone mouthpiece, and plays it all in a matter of 5 minutes.

Linsey Pollak is an Australian musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator. He has recorded 31 albums, toured his solo shows extensively in Europe, North America and Asia as well as performed at most major festivals around Australia.

Linsey has devised many large Festival pieces such as "BimBamBoo" and "Sound Forest", as well as collaborating on many music and theatre projects around Australia. He established The Multicultural Arts Centre of WA, and has co-ordinated five Cross-cultural Music Ensembles in three different States. Linsey has also worked as a musical instrument maker for 40 years and has designed a number of new wind instruments as well as specialising in woodwind instruments from Eastern Europe.


Iconic rock guitarist Slash and singer Myles Kennedy composed this song to help IFAW stop the needless slaughter of elephants for their ivory tusks and raise awareness of the global elephant crisis. Proceeds of the sale of the digital downloads of this song will go to IFAW to directly help in the fight to stop the killing of elephants and stop the trade and demand for ivory. DONATE:


"Music for Pieces of Wood grows out of the same roots as Clapping Music: a desire to make music with the simplest possible instruments. The claves, or cylindrical pieces of hard wood, used here were selected for their particular pitches (A, B, C-sharp, D-sharp, and D-sharp an octave above), and for their resonant timbre. This piece is one of the loudest I have ever composed, but uses no amplification whatsoever. The rhythmic structure is based entirely on the process of rhythmic "build-ups" or the substitution of beats for rests, and is in three sections of decreasing pattern length: 6/4, 4/4, 3/4." -- Steve Reich

Performed by Third Coast Percussion:
David Skidmore, Robert Dillon, Peter Martin, Owen Clayton Condon
with special guest Matthew Duvall of eight blackbird.


Playing For Change Band performing Miriam Makeba’s classic hit, “Pata Pata” live at Apogee Studio’s in Santa Monica, CA. Pata Pata is the name of a traditional dance from South Africa. PFC Band live and on fire!! “Saququka sathi bheka, nants’ iPata Pata…”


Saving My Tomorrow Part 3 premieres Wednesday, April 22 at 730pm, only on HBO.

HBO Documentary Films:


Official music video for Slow it Down, off the EP 'In The Shadows'

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California, Big Yellow Taxi, Both Sides Now...

Joni Mitchell live at the BBC in 1970.



Performed by Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton in Los Angeles, California as part of Playing For Change's Live Outside series. “Candy Man Blues” was first recorded almost 90 years ago by Mississippi John Hurt and the music lives on from generation to generation. Timeless songs to make you smile.


Playing for Change 
Band members Mermans Mosengo and Jason Tamba performing a traditional Congolese song titled, “Marie”. This video was filmed on the Island of Anguilla.


Neil Young (Jimmy Fallon) sings his classic song "Old Man" alongside Neil Young.



Al Gore has teamed up with Pharrell Williams to announce a second round of Live Earth concerts to promote awareness of climate change. The pair made the announcement with producer Kevin Wall at the World Economic Forum in Davos Wednesday.

Live Earth Road to Paris will take place on six continents over 24 hours on June 18 and will be anchored from Paris and New York. Organisers are aiming for a global television audience of 2 billion across 193 networks. It will be supported by a yearlong campaign in partnership with leading brands, NGOs and non-profits, organisers say.


Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar (सुरश्री कॆसरबाई कॆरकर) (July 13, 1892 - September 16, 1977) was an Indian classical vocalist of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. She is considered one of the finest and most powerful Indian classical singers of the 20th century.



"O day, arise! The atoms are dancing. The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstasy. I'll whisper in your ear where their dance is leading them. All the atoms in the air and in the desert know well, they seem insane. Every single atom, happy... or miserable, becomes enamoured of the Sun, of which nothing can be said."

Poem Of The Atoms by Rumi, Music Composed by Armand Amar.




Getsemene - Playing For Change - Live outside series

Jason Tamba playing "Gethsemane" in the spot where he first learned guitar in his hometown of Lukala, Congo. Sung in Kikongo, the lyrics advise us to listen carefully to our inner voice. Though we may speak different languages and have different cultures, music unites us, inspires us and shows us that we all share the human heart.



Home Free sings Angels We Have Heard On High.

Home Free, a pop and country-tinged a cappella group out of Mankato, Minnesota, structures itself like a traditional barbershop quartet, with a lead tenor, two harmony voices, and a bass, with the fifth member providing percussion sounds. The group, with its built-in nostalgia, has a particular affinity for Christmas and holiday tunes.

New holiday album FULL OF CHEER:



Hang Massive - Kanthi Song - From new album AS IT IS (2014).


Jimmy Fallon, Meghan Trainor & The Roots Sing "All About That Bass" w/ Classroom Instruments.

According to Trainor, the title of the song relates the idea of the bass being the support at the bottom of a song to a person's bottom: "You know how the bass guitar in a song is like its 'thickness," the "bottom"? I kind of related a body to that."


"When Brave Bird Saved" A Short Film From Laura Marling.

Laura Marling in a short film inspired and soundtracked by the first 4 tracks from her new album, 'Once I Was An Eagle,'  released May, 2014 through Virgin Records.


French filmmaker Vincent Moon travels the world with just a backpack, a laptop and a camera. He’s filmed Arcade Fire in an elevator and Bon Iver in an apartment kitchen – and single-shot films of a Sufi ritual in Chechnya and an ayahuasca journey in Peru. In this talk, he explains how film and music can help people see their own cultures in a new way. Followed by a performance by jazz icon Nana Vasconcelos. TEDx.



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