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Gourd containers, vases, bowls, sculpture & crafts.
Gourd lamps, dried, carved, drilled, painted, stained...
Fallen tree trunks carved into functional art.
Covering mirror frames with shells.
Shell as art medium. We carve them, polish them into wampum, sew them onto fabric, paint them, embed them, glue them.
Adorn or encrust your old furniture in shells.
Honey and butterfly Godess paintings by Lea Bradovich.
Robert Tatin's sculptural retirement home in France.
Bark Furniture and Accessories. Bring bark indoors. It is long lasting and visually interesting.
Karen Hackenberg paints local beach-found detritus that washes up near her Discovery Bay, Washington studio.
Drawing on pristine snow with snowshoes.
An overlooked sculpture medium. Wet the adzuki beans and mix with glue.
An ancient Asian art form. Patience and attention to detail is a necessity when creating art from eggshells.
Object reuse at Art Basel Miami, December 2014.
Diatom Art of Klaus Kemp
Manhole covers date back at least to the era of ancient Rome.
The Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year competition is an international showcase for the very best in environmental photography and film. Honouring amateurs and professionals of all ages, it provides an opportunity for photographers to share images of environmental and social issues with international audiences, and to enhance our understanding of the causes, consequences and solutions to climate change and social inequality.
Os Gêmeos at the Vancouver Biennale.
Wearing junk food on the outside instead of in. Sugar worship turns against itself.

Some fine examples of wood-fired ceramics.

Currency Collages of C.K. Wilde.

  • Currency Collages
    Currency Collages of C.K. Wilde.
  • Planetary Panoramas
    Planetary Panoramas -awe-inspiring skies.
  • Maize Gods
    Maize Gods projected on trees as a message against transgenic corn.
  • Federico Uribe
    What to do with all those pencil stubs, shoe laces and ping pong balls...
  • SunGlacier Sculpture
    A sculpture that is also a solar powered open-air system that freezes moisture from hot desert air.
  • David LaChapelle Land Scape Series
    Models of industrial plants constructed from the detritus produced at industrial plants.
  • Map Inspiration
    Ideas for your old maps.
  • Reuse of Old Dishes
    Ideas for old china. From using plates as canvas to pique assiette...
  • Iceland From The Air
    Aerial photos of Andre Ermolaev.
  • Recycled Glass Art
    Repurpose old glass dishes, glasses, mirrors and more into art.
  • Thread on Canvas
    Old spools of thread lying around?
  • Rock Sculptures
    Inspiration for all the rocks at your feet, from lowly gravel to majestic boulders...
  • Tribes of the Omo Valley
    With no architecture or crafts in their culture, body painting and ornament are these tribe's artistic avenue.
  • Turning Weapons into Art
    Decommissioned and ready for reuse as art.
  • Paintings of Seeds
    A small sampling of painters who have been inspired by seeds...
  • Chinese Garbage
    Yao Lu an emerging Chinese artist digitally reworks photos of garbage into traditional Chinese landscape paintings.
  • The Art of Firewood
    Inspiration for logs and firewood.
  • Button Art
    There must be millions of small boxes and bottles of buttons tucked away in people's dresser drawers throughout the world...
  • Cork Art
    Innovative use of sustainable, recyclable cork.
  • Netherlandish Redo
    Updating the Dutch/Flemish portrait with modern disposables...
  • Chicken Wire Sculptures
    Artists around the world are finding chicken wire and wire mesh an exciting medium to sculpt with.
  • Barbed Wire and Wire Sculptures
    Wire sculpture inspiration. Large scale works incorporate metal waste within the wire wrapped sculptures.
  • Telephone Wire
    Inside a thick insulating sleeve are 50 PVC-coated easily bendable, copper wires in all different colors. Keep the PVC out of landfills by turning it into art.
  • Circuit Board Art
    Hidden from view for years, circuitry was only for function, covered with components and buried within a machine. Until artists started seeing circuitry's unique beauty.
  • Willow Sculpture
    Weaving art with willow branches.
  • Alexandre Farto
    Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, (aka Vhils) deconstructs building's walls using chisels, drills, jackhammers and small explosives to produce his large-scale wall murals. Farto exposes layers of history through the destruction of selective pieces of wall and billboard.
  • Driftwood and Scrap Wood Sculptures
    Recycled wood sculptures by Andries Botha, Deborah Butterfield, Heather Jansch and more...
  • Fibonacci in Nature
    The fibonacci spiral is a path of least resistance.
  • Ilana Shafir
    Mosaic inspiration inspired by nature.
  • Ant Photography
    Mr. Pavlov sets up the props, the ants happily play with them.
  • Terraced Farms
    Although a great deal of labor to create, many of these terraces have been in use for over a thousand years.
  • Arthur Rackham Illustrations
    Hugh Comstock was very familiar with Rackham's illustrations and when his wife asked him to build her a showroom for her handmade rag dolls “Otsy-Totsys”, the first time builder looked to Arthur Rackman's illustrations and built his wife a Rackham-inspired cottage called Hansel.
  • Tim Pugh
    Nature Reordered by Tim Pugh
  • The Tutu Project
    It's all about a man, his pink tutu and raising funds for women with breast cancer.
  • Henrique Oliveira
    Uses salvaged plywood and PVC collected from the streets of São Paulo to create fabulous organic sculptures...
  • Clothes in Ice
    Clothes seen from a differing angle, in ice and made from weeds. Ephemeral ...
  • Kris Kuksi
    Unwanted toys, frames and statuary are recreated into fantastic sculptures by Kris Kuksi.
  • Art Made with Coins
    What artists are creating with old coins and tokens...
  • Recycled Glass Bottles
    Recycled Glass Bottle Inspiration. Much of the glass we throw out is not recycled, because different glass has different melting points, and recyclers only melt the most common containers. To reuse your old glass, all you need is access to a kiln and some glass bottles.
  • Stick Sculpture
    Twig inspiration...
  • Nuts and Bolts Sculpture
    Recycling those nuts and bolts...
  • Dale Wayne
    Plastic Bottle Amazement.
  • Frosty Leaves
    Frost on leaves...
  • Angelo Musco
    Mimics nature's structures with the human form...hundreds of models, multiplied millions of times.
  • Bamboo Sculpture
    Bamboo art inspiration...
  • Art from Bottle Tops
    El Anatsui and other bottle cap and top artists...
  • Nikon Small World
    Nikon's Small World Competition is regarded as the leading forum for showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope. For over 30 years, Nikon has rewarded the world's best photomicrographers who make critically important scientific contributions to life sciences, bio-research and materials science.
  • Styrofoam Becomes Art
    Styrofoam reuse, furniture, houses and more...
  • Masquerade
    Phyllis Galembo Photos. The tradition of carnivals, masquerades, masking, mime, and street parades is a long one...
  • Nick Cave
    Reuse, performance, sculpture, textile art...

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