Changing Seas travels from coast to coast, meeting with experts who raise fish for food production and to replenish depleted wild populations. Learn how scientists are making it possible to grow marine fish miles away from shore, and discover which Florida research facilities are testing new methods for making aquaculture more environmentally sustainable and efficient.

Aquaculture was intended to take the pressure off ocean fish stocks and help avert a global food shortage, but many experts now believe that some forms of "fish farming" are actually creating more problems than they're solving... and time is running out.

The sequel to the award-winning PBS Special EMPTY OCEANS, EMPTY NETS, FARMING THE SEAS explores what's at stake for us all. As the aquaculture industry explodes across the globe, a growing number of communities and fisheries experts are engaged in an intense debate over its environmental, socio-economic, and health and food safety consequences.

Market demand for seafood now far exceeds the ocean's ability to keep pace, and the crisis is deepening. Worldwide, most marine fisheries are either fully exploited or in sharp decline. 

2006 United Nations Documentary Film Festival - Silver Prize
2005 Environmental Media Awards - Best Documentary
2005 International Wildlife Film Festival - Best Independent, Best Marine Conservation Message, Merit Award for Editing, Merit Award for Balanced Presentation of Footage
2005 Columbus International Film Festival - The Chris
2004 CINE Golden Eagle
2004 Ekotopfilm Festival - Main Prize
2004 EMMY Nominee - Outstanding Documentary.

Part 2:


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