Upcycled, Recycled, Reuse Eco Christmas Trees...

bicycle christmas tree

Tree-Cycle, The Rocks, Sydney.
100 bikes that were on there way to be recycled take a pose as a Christmas tree before their ultimate destined meltdown. The frames were painted green, the wheels multi colors. The top of the tree is comprised of front forks and tires. Source

cd christmas tree

CD Christmas Tree
with tape blanket
by Tom Deninger for Chelsea Market, 2010

bottle christmas tree

Haifa, Israel. Ernest and Hadas Itzcovitch used 5480 recycled plastic bottles to build this Christmas tree, with the intent to raise awareness of our need to be more diligent recyclers. Source

plastic bottle christmas tree
As below.

plastic bottle christmas tree

Eden Project in Cornwall, UK.
The tree is made entirely of recycled materials - including 22,500 plastic bags.
The top angel is made from cling wrap and milk bottles. Source 

plastic bottle christmas tree

Plastic bottle tree, New Market Calcutta, India. Flickr photo by alipta.

plastic bottle christmas tree
As below.

plastic bottle christmas tree

Designpack plastic bottle trees, Paris. The DesignPack Gallery is dedicated to the art packaging. They sell a cardboard version of the above tree - save your green bottles. www.designpackgallery.fr

plastic bottle christmas tree

Plastic Bottle tree, Paris, as above. Source

plastic bottle christmas tree

Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree
by Jolanta Smidtienė of Kaunas, Lithuania.
13-meters tall and made from nearly 40,000 recycled green bottles and zip ties.

plastic bottle christmas tree

Kaunas, Lithuania

eco christmas tree

Plastic bottle tree. People pedal to produce enough energy to light up the eco-friendly Christmas tree set up at the Basilica de San Francisco explanade in La Paz, Bolivia. The 45 foot tree was made with roughly 50,000 plastic bottles. teakdoor.com

plastic bottle christmas tree

The Rock, Sydney, Australia, 2009. Flickr photo by Gdanny.

christmas tree made from cans

Soda can Christmas tree. Note milk jug on top. Source + instructions.

shopping cart christmas tree

Shopping Cart Tree - as below. Looks better at night. Flickr photo by danieljsf.

shopping cart christmas tree

The 14th annual shopping cart Christmas tree near Santa Monica. 33 feet tall, 86 shopping carts. Designer: www.shoppingcarttree.com

junkyard christmas tree

Hub Cap Christmas Tree, Arundel, Maine.

twig christmas tree

Karen Clouston of Alberta, Canada, made this Christmas tree from poplar and willow branches wired to an upside-down tomato cage. Most of the decorations were made from orange slices, nuts, pine cones and scrap cardboard. The garlands are raffia and the tree skirt is heavy brown paper. Thanks Karen, can't wait to see next year's!

newpaper christmas tree

The rolled newspaper Christmas Tree. Source

bamboo christmas tree

Bamboo Christmas tree in Tokyo, Japan. 8 meters high, based on the fibonacci sequence. Source

plastic bottle christmas tree

Plastic bottle Christmas Tree, this one arranged with abandon. Flickr photo by Suzuran ranran.

plastic bag christmas tree

This majestic Portuguese tree is made up of all sorts of plastic discards. Flickr photo by Kuyshi.

christmas tree made of waste

Lobster Pot Christmas Tree, Maine. Buoys, too.

plastic bag christmas tree

Plastic Bag Christmas Tree in South Korea. Source

ladder christmas tree

The greenest - just decorate your ladder. Source.

book christmas tree

Book Christmas Tree
by Frederico Uribe.

reuse christmas tree

Book Light Christmas Tree

book christmas tree

San Francisco Library's Christmas tree. Note the little figures standing on the books. You'll even burn some calories constructing and deconstructing this one. Source.

plastic bottle christmas tree

Another plastic bottle Christmas Tree. Bottles tilt down. Flickr photo by cathepsut.

eco christmas tree


A 60ft LED tree illumined Dublin’s skyline during the 2008 winter season.
Dublin, Ireland. Source.

ice christmas tree

Ice sculpted into an 18 foot high Christmas Tree in Austria. Source.

natural uncut christmas tree

A massive oak tree covered with spanish moss in Wilmington NC is believed to be more than 400 years old. It has been continuously decorated and lit since 1928. Source.

chair christmas tree

Stacked chairs tree, The Rocks at Sydney, 2008. Source.

book christmas tree

Book Christmas Tree


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