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Cereal Box Inspiration

cereal box art
Cap n Crunch by Michael Albert

cereal box art
Lost in my Life (boxes), by Rachel Perry Welty, 2009, Pigment Print, available: 30 x 20 inches, Edition of 6; 56 x 35 inches, Edition of 6; 90 x 60 inches, Edition of 3.

cereal box art
Hayes Trotter paints on recycled cereal and snack boxes.

cereal box art
The Pledge of Allegiance, 2004 by Michael Albert

cereal box art
Giant Trix box composed of multiple miniature cereal boxes, By Ryan Alexiev.

cereal box art
Not green! A promotion for a Honda Civic. The car is 'the prize' in the giant cereal box. Marketing agency Dare built a 20 foot tall Crunchy O's cereal box in Vancouver.

cereal box art
Cereal Box Map by Chris Kaasman

cereal box art
Mosaic by Jill Berry made of printed snack, cracker, cereal, and tea boxes.

cereal box art
Total Cereal Box by Tom Freidman (made by cutting up nine identical cereal packets into small squares which where then matched up against each other as if one were putting together nine identical jigsaw puzzles, but in three dimensions, creating a considerable spatial problem. In an interview Friedman noted: “It took me a while to figure out how to do this, but it’s based on matrices.”)

cereal box art
100 Cereal Box Covers Project - Alan Valek

cereal box art
Cereal Box Canoe by Greg A. Hill. Waterproof and usable - video of use - -pic:

cereal box art
Ritz Cracker Box Collage by Michael Albert

cereal box art
Original Apple Jacks Cereal Box Collage, 1998 by Michael Albert

cereal box art
The Preamble, 2007. Prints available. The original 20" x 30" Collage Construction took Michael Albert 3 months to complete. It features the initials of all signers of the Constitution of the United States.

food packaging art
Lost in my life (bread tags), 2010 Rachel Perry Welty
Racheal says she has been collecting twist-ties since 1998, seems her bread tag collection must be older. Pigmented ink print

food packaging art
Rachel Perry Welty 208,896 loaves,
2004 Bread tags -

food packaging art
Lost in my Life (price tags), 2009, Pigment Print, available: 30 x 20 inches, Edition of 6; 56 x 35 inches, Edition of 6; 90 x 60 inches.

food packaging art
Lost in my Life (price tag fabric)

food packaging art
Lost in my Life (take out), by Rachel Perry Welty, 2010, Pigment Print, available: 30 x 20 inches, Edition of 6; 56 x 35 inches, Edition of 6; 90 x 60 inches, Edition of 3

cereal box art
Andy Warhol Boxes - 1963-64.

cereal box art
Cereal Art no boxes by Ryan Alexiev

cereal box art
Cereal Box Mag Holder

cereal box art
Cereal Box Necklace

cereal box art
A can do.

cereal box art
Easiest - card holders-






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Olive Hnatiuk
Posts: 4
Cereal Box Art
Reply #4 on : Sun December 29, 2013, 17:41:15
I have heard of a fashion wardrobe made from cereal boxes. Are there any examples of this?
Tks. OH
Posts: 4
Love it!
Reply #3 on : Thu April 12, 2012, 03:34:39
The photos on this blog have been inspirational!

They have broadend my mind to the impossible in artwork.

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Posts: 4
Reply #2 on : Fri December 30, 2011, 15:47:41
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esther hoffmann
Posts: 4
Reply #1 on : Sun July 31, 2011, 19:41:25
dear friends,
i should say so because i'm so impressed and feel so familiar to inspiration green...
is there any publication of this cereal-box art?
and related things? i'm asking because i'm a cultural scientist and working on childrens-food-habbits and every day consumption. i would be very thankfull for any remark.
all the best to you from the south of germany, tübingen
estehr hoffmann
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