The Climate Accountability Institute has updated its Carbon Majors Project which details the direct and product-related emissions traced to the major industrial carbon producers in the oil, natural gas, coal, and cement industries through 2013.
Avgas (aviation gas) contains lead and avgas is unregulated. Aviation aircraft is the single largest source of lead emissions.

Record Warmth in Northeastern Canada, Norway, Denmark. Record cold in Indiana and Arkansas.







Our oceans are but a thin film on Earth's surface.
Exxon CEO files suit to stop construction of a water tower to be built adjacent to his Texas ranch.
Chemicals should be tested for their global warming effect (radiative efficiency) before being placed into production.

Methane hydrate, will it be a godsend and replace dirty coal and oil within the next five years, or will it delay our investment in renewable energy and set us on an ever longer road of hydrocarbon addiction?
A destruction of the world's resources, leaving long term greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution and habitat loss.
A new infographic from Healthy Child, Healthy World.
The World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme have just listed endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) a "global threat" after the release of a collaborative study.
Arctic sea ice extent and volume is the lowest ever...
In July, melting occurred on over 97% of the surface of Greenland's ice sheets.
DHA (the effective ingredient in spray tans) has caused DNA changes in cells in laboratory tests.
After you read this, you will never eat microwave popcorn again...and possibly anything out of a french fry box or pizza box.
Microplastic remnants from washing clothes are polluting our waters. A polyester garment can release more than 1,900 fibres per garment, per wash, and that ends up in fish, and then us, if we eat the fish. What goes around, comes around.

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Wal-Mart Is HUGE
Walmart’s the largest grocery store in the U.S., the largest retailer in the world, the leader in global corporate revenue and the largest employer in existence.
Please sign the petitions recommending the EPA ban atrazine -- deadline is coming soon. Learn more...
Flame Retardants
Flame Retardants are blowing in the wind. PDBEs are so easily made airborne that they vaporize and are breathed in, or settle on items (such as food) and are consumed. They also bio-accumulate and are lipophilic. No wonder they are found in 97% of Americans and in most animals as well.
Urban Evolution
Our city bounds are forcing changes in evolution.
A Reorganization of the Seas
Predator fish are going fast...
Toxins in Leather Shoes
Buy eco- leather or wear socks. And don't even think about composting those leather shoes!
Chemical Fertilizer Issues
Chemical Fertilizers feed the world for the short term - but what about the future?
Cell Phone Radiation in Images
Ways to reduce the radiation...
Plastic Packaging Waste
Plastic packaging and other non-biodegradable disposables are the most persistent and infrequently recycled forms of waste.
Extreme Weather
Highly reliable global temperature measurements show the planet is warming and the water cycle (hydrological cycle) is becoming more active; creating higher rates of evaporation and precipitation. Droughts and floods are the natural consequences of warmer temperatures: droughts because it’s hotter, floods because warmer seas release more water vapor.
Dead Zones
This year’s heavy rainfall and flooding means excessive runoff and nitrogen input for the Gulf. 2011 could see the worst Gulf dead zone yet...
Hydraulic Fracking Basics
Things you might not have known about hydraulic fracking, but should know...
BP Spill - One Year Later
Our government has not passed one law to protect our environment from oil or gas drilling since the spill...
The WE Party Manifesto
This is 'our' planet and our children's future depends on this planet. Our air, our water, our land, our wildlife...all of these precious resources are collectively ours. We can no longer sit silent and let dysfunction take our planet down.
The Japanese Tsunami's Wake
The earthquake took place at 14:46 JST, the tsunami hit the closest land at 15:12 JST. The surge was as high as 33 feet. A catastrophe of incomprehensible magnitude.
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