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National Hydrogen Association- source for information on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies. Since 1989, they've provided data and educational materials, safety and codes & standards to officials, policy-makers, and the general public. News.
Hydrogen Highway. A new site from the US government which provides information on the Department of Energy's Hydrogen Program and which ties together Federal agency activities related to hydrogen.
American Hydrogen Association's goal is to stimulate interest and help establish a renewable hydrogen energy economy by the year 2010.
International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy- an international institution to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen economy.
International Association for Hydrogen Energy stimulates the exchange of information in the Hydrogen Energy field through its publications and sponsorship of international workshops, short courses and conferences.
Hydrogen Energy Center is a non-profit organization run by visionary volunteers and undertakes a variety of projects that will help advance the transition to a renewable hydrogen energy economy.
Hydrogen Cars Now. Lists hydrogen info, car models, fueling stations, conferences, concept cars and more...
Energy Justice. The cons of Hydrogen.
California Hydrogen Business Council a non-profit whose members share a common vision of clean energy and transportation fueled by hydrogen. Hydrogen headlines and e-news archives and events.
Canadian Hydrogen Association is a non-profit that promotes the production, transportation, storage and application of hydrogen in its myriad applications and encourages the development of industrial hydrogen and hydrogen energy systems and markets for new energy service technologies to improve the environment.
Hydrogen Cars:
Honda FCX Clarity, runs on a hydrogen fuel cell and can travel 270 miles per tank of hydrogen. Only available in California.
Ronn Motor Company, Inc. is blending the world of exotic performance cars with eco friendly fuel solutions with its first car, the Scorpion. Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) fuel delivery system. The system provides Hydrogen on demand, which is injected directly into the motor, increasing fuel mileage 20-40 % and reducing CO2 emissions to nearly zero. Austin,TX.
BMW Hydrogen 7 is the “world’s first production-ready hydrogen vehicle"
Hy-Wire and its Sequel. TED Video. General Motors veep Larry Burns previews next-gen car design: vehicles that run clean on hydrogen -- and pump energy back into the electrical grid when they're idle.
Hydrogen Car Parts:
Hydrogen Boosters are "On Board Electrolysis Fuel Cells"
that get hydrogen & oxygen from water, rather than from hydro-carbons (petroleum products).
Hydrogen-Boost System is a gas mileage enhancement system based on the main component, an on-board hydrogen gas generator.
Hydrogen Companies of Interest:
Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation Labs- due to its renewable hydrogen research it is about to become one of the world leaders in hydrogen production with its innovative use of the sun's energy to create hydrogen from landfill gas.
Hydrogen Solar producing high purity hydrogen at competitive commercial rates-the company's Tandem Cell™ can split water directly into pure hydrogen fuel and oxygen without external power requirements.
International Association for Hydrogen Energy. Hydrogen Design Competition for students. Portable Fuel Cell, Portable Hydrogen Generator, Vision for a sustainable hydrogen economy.
Hydrogen Car Challenge International Racing Championship. With State Finals in NSW, VIC and QLD, and with competitors from across Australia and New Zealand. Aimed at school children.
Water for Fuel first annual Lap Around America. Any ground vehicle that uses water or hydrogen can be entered into this race. There is a $10,000 Grand Prize for Best All-Around Vehicle that will be donated to the winner's charity of choice.
International Conference on Hydrogen.
World Hydrogen Energy Conference Under the auspices of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE).  2011-in Glasgow.
U.S. Dept of Energy. Hydrogen Data Book. Lots of info here.
Generation and Storage:
Shell Hydrogen is a global business of the Shell Group with headquarters in the Netherlands, and regional bases in Houston and Tokyo. Shell Hydrogen was set up in 1999 to pursue and develop business opportunities related to hydrogen and fuel cells.
Government Sites:
U.S. Dept of Energy. Hydrogen Program Website works in partnership with industry, academia, national laboratories, federal and international agencies on R&D, safety, education.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Hydrogen and fuel cell R&D focused on hydrogen production and delivery, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, technology validation, safety, codes and standards, and analysis. These research areas directly support the NREL Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program.
US Dept of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Site.  Hydrogen Home Page.
U.S. Dept of Energy.  Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Infrastructure Technologies Program. Works to implement these technologies into the marketplace.  is the web portal to information about Federal government activities related to hydrogen and fuel cells and is an activity of the Interagency Working Group on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.
Argonne National Laboratory- Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Research & Development- Key areas of this research include hydrogen production and storage, and fuel cell research, development, and testing.
Dept of Defence- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers team, the Engineer Research and Development Center- The ERDC is an integrated research and development organization that consists of seven laboratories, which include the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL). Hydrogen Initiatives.
News Stories:
Hydrogen vehicles: Fuel of the future? Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, largely forgotten as attention turned to biofuels and batteries, are staging a comeback. NatureNews. April 2010.
Scientific American. Article. The first private hydrogen-powered house, using photovoltaic (PV) panels to turn sunlight into electricity that is then harnessed to extract hydrogen from tap water. June 2008.
Cheap Hydrogen. MIT Technology Review. A new process uses sunlight and a nanostructured catalyst to inexpensively and efficiently generate hydrogen for fuel.
January 31, 2008. Nanoptek, a startup based in Maynard, MA, has developed a new way to make hydrogen from water using solar energy.
Reuters. Toyota Develops Improved Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Reuters June 9,2008 TOKYO - Toyota Motor Corp said on Friday it has developed an advanced fuel-cell vehicle that can run for 830 km (516 miles) on a single tank of hydrogen and in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Celsius below freezing (-22 F).
Hy-Wire and its Sequel. TED Video. General Motors veep Larry Burns previews next-gen car design: vehicles that run clean on hydrogen -- and pump energy back into the electrical grid when they're idle.
News Sites:
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy provides scientists and engineers throughout the world with a central vehicle for the exchange and dissemination of basic ideas in the field of hydrogen energy.
Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter, has been published continuously since 1986- covers the science, business, economics, and politics of hydrogen and fuel cells - nationally and internationally. Every month.
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells News. National Rewable Energy Laboratory. News highlighting hydrogen and fuel cell research, technologies, and resources.
Hydrogen Forecast is a monthly newsletter focused on technology breakthroughs, development trends, vehicle trials, business acquisitions and announcements and government activities.
RenewableEnergyWorld. Hydrogen News.
Hydrogen Commerce. Blog-type News site-anti-oil.
Hydrogen Guide World News Network.
Hydrogen Cars Now. Lists hydrogen info, car models, fueling stations, conferences, concept cars and more...
Fuel Cell Car News. Fuel cell news here but strong stock/finance tilt.
DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information, Information Bridge. Lists 38,000+ DOE publications on Hydrogen.
Technology Research News is an independent publisher and news service dedicated to covering technology research developments in university, corporate and government labs.
Penn State University H2E Center.
Stanford University: Global Climate and Energy Project. Hydrogen Research.
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (Stanford) researcher Jens Norskov, has paired a molybdenum sulfide catalyst with a light-absorbing electrode to split water into its components.
Hydrogen Research Institute, founded in 1994, is a research unit of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.
ABS– Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market Research - Independent market research and analysis of the Hydrogen economy and Fuel cell industry.
Florida Solar Energy Center's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Division.
"Researchers Develop Bio-Inspired Photo-Oxidizing Catalyst for Solar Water-Splitting to Produce Hydrogen" An international team of researchers led by Monash University has used chemicals found in plants to replicate a key process in photosynthesis paving the way to a new approach that uses sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.
Applied Research Center for Hydrogen Research. Regionally, ARC:Hydrogen's co-location with the Savannah River National Lab provides for a space where industrial and academic partners can collaborate. Internationally, ARC:Hydrogen houses the admininstrative facility for the ITER project, which concerns hydrogen function of the multi-country reactor. South Carolina.
Hy-Wire and its Sequel. TED Video. General Motors veep Larry Burns previews next-gen car design: sleek, customizable (and computer-enhanced) vehicles that run clean on hydrogen -- and pump energy back into the electrical grid when they're idle.



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