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Daniel Schnitzer knew that small-scale solar products (like solar-powered LED lightbulbs) could transform the lives of rural Haitians, but found that despite their value, they wouldn't simply sell themselves. At TEDxPittsburgh, he explains how health and energy solutions for the developing world are useless unless the market works too.

A PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon University’s department of Engineering & Public Policy, Daniel Schnitzer co-founded EarthSpark International in 2008. Honored by the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010, EarthSpark International works in Haiti to develop markets and aid local entrepreneurs in creating a supply chain for safe, clean and renewable energy. It also played a vital role in relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake. Before this, Schnitzer worked for KEMA Inc., an energy consulting firm, at which he focused on renewable energy policy and efficiency.


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