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About this site:

     Inspiration Green was started as a resource site to guide those to knowledge about environmental choices. Months were spent taking photos, cropping images and laying out the design, many more months went by as environmental resource information was aggregated and added to the site. After the resource footing was built, the blogs and video clip categories were added. Today, we scour the web and streets of NY to bring you the most inspiring green news, media, environmental art and sustainable building out there.

About me:

     Due to my interests in art (degree in Art History), building (father's hobby is carpentry and have my fair share of tools), developing countries (volunteered in India for 11 years), love of animals (have been a pescetarian/oft times vegetarian since the age of fourteen), healthy living (rare that I meet a synthetic chemical I like) and the environment (my stomach turns when I see nature degraded), I feel I bring to IG a well rounded green aesthetic. I hope you enjoy and become inspired! Thanks for visiting, Keiren Fox -- [email protected]

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