Cob Fireplace Inspiration...
New building-integrated photovoltaics or BIPVs blend almost seamlessly with traditional roofing materials.
Currently the majority of wood stoves in use deliver only 40 to 50 percent of the energy potential of the wood. This is highly wasteful. But on a bright note, many of the prototype models entered into the Wood Stove Decathlon squeezed out more than 90 percent of the wood's energy potential and burn much cleaner than older stoves. One of the keys is complete combustion...
Sand, clay and hay. Mix it with your hands, your feet or a Bobcat. Sculpt in place.
There are cob homes in the UK that are a thousand years old. In Jericho, by the Jordan River, a cob building still stands that was built 10,000 years ago.
Earthy and warm, the inside of cob homes exude an incomparable charm.
Cobbing is making a resurgence. Form clay, sand, water and straw into lumps (or cobs) and create an 'anyform' house.
Vertical herb garden inspiration.
Creating furniture from books... Due to the glue that binds books along their spine, most paper recyclers will not take books for recycling unless the cover and glue is removed.
Instead of putting those branches, leaves and grass clippings in bags by the a hugel bed.
This sustainable gardening method uses kitchen and garden waste and gray water (or wash water) as food for your vegetables.
A threshold between worlds, (or garden features).
Constructed without mortar or cement. The art of the waller.
Ancient as gardening. Wattling is fun and attractive.
Since Neolithic times we have fenced our sheep and vegetables in this easy to make (albeit time consuming) wooden fence.
The earth-house uses the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects it from temperature extremes, wind, rain and extreme weather events.
Underground homes with a modern bent. A large thermal mass stabilizes inside temperatures, giving you free heat in the winter, free cooling in the summer.
For those in northern, high altitude or windy climates who wish to grow their food year round. Take advantage of the insulating properties of the Earth.
Ingenious ways to stack firewood.
The rocket mass heater works on similar properties as a masonry heater. A fast, high heat and oxygen-fed fire burn up the volatile gases and particulates, leaving very little pollution, and turn almost every ounce of wood fuel into energy.

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Masonry Wood Cookstoves
Masonry heaters can incorporate cook stoves. And cook stoves can act as masonry heaters for small homes.
Masonry Heaters with Ovens
Bake ovens can be either white (the fire is in another box, usually below the oven) or black (the fire is in the same compartment as the food being cooked).
Masonry Heaters
Heat, not pollution. The cleanest burning wood stoves have been around for centuries, yet have taken a backseat to metal wood stoves and other polluting energy sources for far too long. Time for a revival!
Indoor Pizza Ovens
If you live in a cool climate, you might as well investigate adding a masonry heater along side your pizza oven. Or at least understanding them so that you might take advantage of exhaust heat.
River Rock Fireplaces
Although lots of mass and beautiful, most heat goes straight up the flue. Build a conventional fireplace for beauty alone, build a masonry fireplace for heat.
Container Homes
Somewhere around 30 million steel shipping containers exist today. 8 feet wide by 8.5 feet high, and either 20 or 40 feet long, they have been the globally standardized transportation module since 1956.
Insect Hotels
Call them bug condos, insect hotels, insect habitats, wildlife stacks, insect boxes, insect houses, insect walls, wild bee walls, insect accommodation, wild bee houses, solitary bee walls or wild bienenhaus. Wildlife habitat is rapidly disappearing. Building beneficial insects a special habitat will help your garden and the bugs.
Outdoor Earth Ovens
Examples of pure cob and adobe, and refractory castable cement over bricks.
Outdoor Brick Ovens
Recycle some old bricks...into an oven.
Outdoor Masonry Ovens
Build an outdoor oven with local stone and DIY skills for a few hundred dollars. Or, buy an oven kit and have it veneered for a few thousand.
Living Willow Hedges
Willow cuttings called 'withies' easily root in either water or moist soil. Plant in late winter and come July you'll have a privacy screen.
Hedge Laying
Over two thousand years older than chain link.
Greenhouses from Old Windows and Doors
Replacing your old windows or windowed doors with more energy efficient ones? Here's a project to repurpose those old windows.
Stone Furniture
No more plastic! Or vinyl, or PVC! Looks great as a weight loss program as well. First, the perspiration created while moving the stones into place, and certainly one would not become lazy and lounge around for too long on any of these pieces of furniture.
Pebble Pathways
More pebble ideas...
Pebble Mosaics II
More pebble mosaic inspiration...
Pebble Mosaics Underfoot
Pebble Mosaic Inspiration page one...
Steam Bent Shingles
Cedar shingles mimic thatch.
Recycling Old Doors
Old wooden doors look good just about anywhere.
Pallet Inspiration
You'll never look at pallets the same after seeing these inspiring reuse ideas.
Shutter Reuse
What to do with those old shutters...
Kitchen Sink Buildings
Those who are feeling extra energetic and who come upon a large number of used sinks, this post is for you.
Salvaged and Painted Stairs
Uplifting stairs - inspiration...
Rammed Earth
Rammed earth homes, walls, architecture. A thousands-year-old technique revitalized.
Mission Kitchens
Also known as Craftsman. If a large oak tree falls on your property and you have the tools and know-how, or know a good carpenter...
Whole Tree Architecture
Walk a forest with your building design in mind and select individual trees to harvest for your home. Each tree is chosen both for its structural and design integrity and for the effect that its removal will have on the forest left standing around it. Often the selection will be based as much on thinning an overcrowded stand or managing an invasive species as it will on that tree being the nearest with a 10 inch diameter trunk.
Car Parts House
A house made from junked Dodge Caravans...
Cordwood Homes
With just a few cords, build a home...
Cordwood Sheds and Cabins
Sheds and cabins built from firewood...
Bamboo Furniture
Not your typical bamboo furniture...
Bamboo Buildings
Bamboo Building Inspiration
Old Boats Become
Old boats become furniture and stay forever more on dry land. What to do with that old wooden boat...
Hundertwasser Architecture
“If man walks in nature’s midst, then he is nature’s guest and must learn to behave as a well-brought-up guest.” Dreams do come true...
Urban & Institutional Green Roofs
Green roofs on offices, public buildings, schools and more...
Green Roofs
Green roof inspiration for homes, sheds and arbors...
Natural Pools or Swimming Ponds
Popular in Europe for decades...starting to catch on in the rest of the world. The price of a natural swimming pool are comparable to an inground pool, yet maintenance costs are much less. Have you ever thought about how many pounds of chemicals go into a typical swimming pool? Let nature do the work for free.
Reuse Kitchen
Reconstructed, reuse, recycled, reclaimed kitchen ideas...
Earthbag Construction
Dirt cheap....earthbag building is also known as superadobe, flexible-form rammed earth or sandbag construction. Whatever you call it, it is earthquake resistant, flood resistant, hurricane resistant, fire resistant and termite proof.
Floating Homes
Flooding is a natural function of rivers. Sea levels are predicted to rise. There are two types of floating homes, permanently floating homes and homes that float only when flood waters swell, but sit on the ground during the dry season. Requiring the later on new construction within floodplains, and considering same for threatened shorelines, is one way to plan for the future. Although floating homes near the coast need protected waters, wave attenuation through wave walls and dykes (as used in Europe) are a future possibility. Inaction is costly. Some inspiration for those on waterways...
Cardboard Inspiration
Cardboard reuse -- turn your cardboard into chairs, tables or bookshelves. With some used cardboard, tape, earth-friendly glue, scissors and a utility knife you could furnish your entire home...
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