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Furniture made from Old Boats

african boat
The fishermen from the West coast of Africa decorate their boats with brightly coloured geometric designs.

reuse furniture
The team of Artlantique searches for, and buys old, no longer seaworthy boats to transform...

reuse furniture
Every piece of Artlantique furniture is unique, as no two boats are ever the same. The “Samba” wood is left untreated.

furniture from old boats
The raw material is the boat itself. It is also, on one hand the life of the boat and that of it’s former owner and family. The history of a livelihood. And on the other hand, the union of fishing and carpentry in Africa.The wood of the boat doesn’t hide the thousands of nautical miles navigated along the African coast. Therefore the value is not only in the appearance but also in the history of each boat.

furniture from old boats

furniture from old boats
Foosball -

furniture from old boats
Available in Stores in Barcelona and Paris

In Indonesia...

furniture from old boats
All From Boats' furniture is made from reclaimed boat timber, generally hard woods such as ulin (iron), teak and intaran (mahogany). Their source boats are found on the islands of Bali, Java, Lombok, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. All From Boats has made agreements with local fishermen; when a fishing trawler has become too expensive to repair and would ordinarily be burned as cooking fuel, the fisherman sell them, often earning several weeks pay. There is no pressure to sell and at he end of the transaction, everyone is happy.

furniture from old boats

furniture from old boats
Located in Bali, Indonesia.

furniture from old boats
The wood is 100% reclaimed, obtained from (40 to 60 year old) sea fishing trawlers.

 From South Africa

furniture from old boats
Shipwreck Furniture. The metal bits incorporated in some of the designs are all leftovers from the wrecks.

furniture from old boats
Nic Kruger's first shipwreck wood was from the Kunene, which was named after a river which is the border between Namibia and Angola. Nic has just found another wooden shipwreck, the Largo, so there are bound to be many more unique pieces of furniture to come.

Over in the U.S.

furniture from old boats
When Davita Nowland started scavenging for derelict wooden boats, she wasn't planning on creatively recycling them into nautical furniture and starting a business; she was looking for a coffee table for her waterfront condo in Marblehead, MA. But the graduate from the University of Rhode Island's College of Resource Development decided to build more than one...

furniture from old boats
Nauticals of Marblehead,MA is located on the 2nd floor in the Old & Historic District at 128 Washington Street, above the nautical shop "Ship Shape" where several of their coffee tables, bars and chart trays are available for sale.


reuse boat furniture
Shipwreck Painting By John Dahlson of Australia


boat like kitchen
Boat Kitchen - not from old wood - but could/should be...





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