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Art Made with Coins

art made with coins

Detail of Manhattan Mettle, below, by Ann Carrington.
For more close-ups see:

painting with coins

Manhattan Mettle by Ann Carrington.
Mixed media: metal punching, dollars, dimes, subway tokens, spanners, nails, pins...
8m x 5m,

art made with coins

Coin Shovels by Stacey Lee Webber.

coin sculpture

Penny Wrench by Stacey Lee Webber.

sculpture made from coins

Coin Clamp by Stacey Lee Webber.

coin sculpture

Coin Tape Measure by Stacey Lee Webber

coin chair

Coin Chair by Johnny Swing
Made from 1500 half dollars and 7000 welds.

coin sculpture

Setee close-up by Johnny Swing

sculpture made from coins

Johnny Swing on one of his settee.
Made from 7000 nickels, with 35,000 welds.

coin furniture

Setee by Johnny Swing

floor of pennies

Floor made of Pennies
A penny floor in Indiana:

floor of pennies

Floor made of Pennies
Standard Hotel, New York
Rowan and Williams Architects -

floor made of nickels

Floor made of Nickels
13,650 nickels — that's $682.50 — and 30 straight days of gluing the coins to mesh.

bar made from pennies

Penny covered Counter
Lincoln Room Bar, San Diego
How to:

penny sculpture

Pennies make up a giant penny
By Ted Stanke

coin sculpture

Coin Playing Cards
By Ted Stanke

coin sculpture

Coin Box
By Ted Stanke

coin bowl

Coin Bowl
By Johnny Swing

coin sculpture

Coins in Rock (real rock, real coins)
By Jiyuseki Hirotoshi Ito

coin table

Table inlaid with coins

coin sculpture

World Map of Stacked Coins
By Paul Van Scott
For close-ups:

painting with coins

Panda Coin Mosaic (stacked coins)
By Paul Van Scott - must see detail -

painting with coins

Painting with Coins
Nelson Mandela by Ed Chapman, 44″ x 31″, 5,340 pennies.

painting with coins

Coin Painting of Queen Elizabeth
Adrian painted the ground before applying coins.
By Adrian Firth - prints available.

coin sculpture

Coin Torso
By David Corbett

penny dress

Penny Dress
By Raymond Waters, 2010.

coin mosaic

Inspiration for a future project?
Empress Theodora, Ravenna, Italy

How to:

Made a
Tile a





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David M
Posts: 5
Reply #5 on : Wed August 28, 2013, 20:48:52
Holy crap, that rock one is pretty impressive. I'm not sure if I would want a floor or piece of furniture made of coins, each if they were silver dollar coins. Coins aren't usually the cleanest material...
Posts: 5
Great Pics!!
Reply #4 on : Fri April 19, 2013, 15:56:56
Love all of the projects. I made a short video for an MBA class on what you can do with a penny. It's on YouTube at:

It's on 90 sec - please watch so I can get a good grade in my class.
credit loans
Posts: 5
Reply #3 on : Mon January 14, 2013, 01:19:38
Don't you acknowledge that it's high time to get the personal loans (, which can realize your dreams.
Posts: 5
Re: Art Made with Coins
Reply #2 on : Wed November 07, 2012, 16:55:55
I like the floor covered in 1943 copper pennies
Posts: 5
Giant Penny
Reply #1 on : Fri October 05, 2012, 13:25:35
I really like the pennies making a giant penny.
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